[BC] Top 7 Vancouver Cheap Eats to Try Soon!


Vancouver has no shortage of restaurants! The variety is huge – you can find extremely cheap meals, fine dining and everything in between. So, for those who are looking for a quicker, inexpensive meal check out the restaurants below! All of these are Vancouver cheap eats places!

Viet Sub

Viet Sub is famous in Vancouver for serving Vietnamese traditional banh mi sandwiches at super low prices. Typically, one sandwich will cost you about $5.00. These sandwiches are usually filled with fresh vegetables, meats and many different sauces all inside a chewy french bun! However, if you aren’t feeling a sandwich you can also order the pho, a Vietnamese soup or the salad rolls.

The Warehouse

The Warehouse is known for providing dishes that all fall under $6.00. Here, the menu is similar to that of a standard pub and includes burgers and fries, pasta and nachos among many other dishes. Besides the food, the warehouse is also famous for its unique drinks. Many of the “warehouse specials” are spiked with an entire bottle of Corona beer which sticks out of the glass! Also, the rest of the drinks are also relatively cheap when you compare them to standard cocktail prices in Vancouver. This combination of a pub atmosphere and cheap food and drink make this restaurant a great Vancouver cheap eats location!

Bon’s Off Broadway

Breakfast comes cheap at this restaurant. So, at Bon’s, you can get a full breakfast meal including tip for under $6.00. This an extremely good deal, especially when compared with other Vancouver brunch restaurants. The menu includes all the classic dishes of bacon and eggs, omelets, french toast, pancakes and many more.  To sum up, it is the perfect Vancouver cheap eats breakfast pick!

Mr. Greek – Donair Town

Donair restaurants can be seen lining most streets of Vancouver and are a popular item for people to pick up on their lunch break, as a quick dinner, or as a late night snack. So, at Mr.Greek – Donair Town, an original donair will only cost you only $6.00! The donair can also be paired with a drink or greek salad, bringing your total to closer to $10.00 which is still very reasonable!

The Name

The Naam is an all vegetarian restaurant serving huge portions at low prices! So, this restaurant provides an elaborate mix of foods for you to choose from. Here, you can order from a variety of veggie burgers, Mexican platters, Thai noodles, and nachos to name a few. In addition, the restaurant often displays artwork by local Vancouver artists, and exhibitions rotate on a regular basis.

Salt and lemon

Next, is Sal Y Limon which is a Mexican restaurant serving arguably the cheapest tacos in all of YVR. Most of their tacos total only $2.60, so you can order a few under $10.00 total! Also, take note that they are one of the few taco places to serve vegetarian tacos, making them perfect if you are a vegetarian on a budget.

Hugo’s Churros

Vancouver also has many dessert restaurants serving up treats for your sweet tooth. One of these is Hugo’s Churros. Hugo’s Churros is a churro restaurant that was created because of the lack of churros in Vancouver. So, the churro prices range from $1.75 for a plain churro and up to $4.00 for a heart-shaped churro dipped in chocolate! If you’d prefer, the restaurant also serves an ice cream sandwich, with the churro serving as the “bread” that keeps it together.

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