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An Overview of Popular Tech Jobs

The tech field is growing here in Canada. So if you are someone who loves technology, entering this Canadian sector may be a wise choice! Employers are searching mostly for developers, engineers, electricians, veterinary techs and data analysts. These are discussed below.

1. Developers – You as a Program Designer

Being able to code is important with the world being digital. Unique to this job is the range of projects you’ll work on. So many companies need developers to create systems. This makes it a great job if you like working towards goals and using tech. On average, you’ll earn $53,103 to start and $85 767 yearly later on.

2. Engineers – Building the Future

The next job has stayed in demand for a while and will continue to do so. Engineers learn software, math, and physics. These concepts are then applied and are used in the design and care of machines or structures. This job is great if you love math, science, and hands-on work! Additionally, engineers make $60 200 yearly but could earn $100 000+!

3. Electricians – Powering Places

Thirdly we have Electricians. Electricians check that electrical equipment is running well. Also, industrial electricians are hands-on and like working with machines. So, if you want a hands-on job in tech, being an electrician could be for you! Last, electricians make $67 115 yearly.

4. Veterinary Techs – Animal Care

Another option for a tech career is a veterinary tech. A job as a veterinary tech involves working with animals. Often, you’ll be giving medicines, checking vitals and cleaning cuts. If you love animals, this is great! Veterinary technicians earn $35 100 yearly.

5. Data Analysts – Finding Patterns

The last example is a data analyst. Data analysts find data trends. Many companies use data, meaning you could work anywhere. Overall, data analyst is a good choice if you like analyzing. You’ll earn $50 000 – $75 000 yearly, and with experience could earn $110 000+!

Please note that this doesn’t cover all jobs. New jobs emerge everyday and current ones remain in demand! You can find current jobs in the technology sector on LinkedIn or Monster.

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