[BC] 5 of the finest pastry shops in Vancouver


Vancouver is filled with lots of tasty pastry and dessert shops, thus making it hard to know which ones to try. That’s why our goal is to solve this sweet dilemma with our list. So, let’s dive into Vancouver’s top pastry and bakery shops. As you know, an excellent bakery is more than the taste of its’ products. Many aspects such as atmosphere, technique, ingredients, etc. play a part in why the following bakeries are amongst the best.

Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Cafe

Thierry’s desserts not only taste great, but they also look great. At Thierry, you can buy all sorts of perfectly handcrafted desserts including various cakes, tarts, chocolates, etc. Most famous for their chocolates, Chef Thierry mentions how their chocolates are made only from the finest ingredients. Thierry’s reputation goes beyond their high ratings after all its’ chef was mentioned by Gordon Ramsay as one of the best Pastry chefs he has ever worked with. Thus, make sure to do your mouth a favour and pick up one of Chef Thierry’s delicious pastries.

Much Bakery & Cafe

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All the spring treats right here. #beaucoupbakery

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Whether you are craving sweet or savoury pastries, Beaucoup Bakery has got them both. Beaucoup offers a wide variety of traditional baked goods such as flaky almond croissants, tropical scones, various cookies, and tarts. Their desserts are tasty as well as fairly priced. Beaucoup also offer delivery so you can order pastries right from the comfort of your home.

Sweet Pleasure 

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Raspberry mousse cakes 🍰

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If you are looking for authentic French pastries made only from high-quality ingredients, look no further. Furthermore, Plaisir Sucré offers a warm friendly environment for the customers to enjoy their wide range of French desserts. Fabrice, the owner of the pastry, was raised with the traditional welcoming atmosphere of French bakeries. As a result, he strives to make others feel the same in his shop. To do so, Fabrice greets every customer that enters Plaisir Sucré and offers a kid-friendly space. Altogether making it one of Vancouver’s best pastry shops. You should visit Plaisir Sucré to experience the pure French bakery atmosphere and desserts.

Cheesecake, Etc.

The name speaks for itself, Cheesecake, Etc. is famous for its’ amazing cheesecakes. Established in 1979 by Mike and Edith Sims, the couple brought their family secret cheesecake recipe in Vancouver. Ever since, Mike and Edith’s passion continues at Cheesecake, Etc. and they carry on making their flavorful cheesecakes.

49th Parallel Café & Lucky’s Doughnuts

Looking for fresh high-quality doughnuts for your hot drink? Look no further because Lucky’s Doughnuts are amongst the best. Lucky’s Doughnuts are made from natural ingredients and they go well once paired with 49th Café’s coffee. Due to chef Aaron’s years of experience at a variety of top restaurants, he is able to create a long list of different delicious doughnuts.

Vancouver houses amazing bakeries so you can enjoy a variety of baked goods from fresh Doughnuts to traditional French pastries. Now thanks to this list you know where to go whenever you crave some pastries! Bon appétit!

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