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How to improve your English with 3 simple changes


Easy ways of practicing English

Becoming fluent in a new language is not an easy task. The good news is, there are many ways for you to tackle this challenge here in Canada. As an international student, I found the following to be effective in improving my English. So here’s how to improve your English in fairly easy ways.

Get talking no matter what

There are numerous chances for you to improve your English speaking in Canada but you have to be willing to take them. Whether it’s small-talk at the grocery store or a work-related talk, you have the option to engage with the conversation or cut it short. I personally found my English improving rapidly once I started engaging in conversations with people. Although you may feel like your English is not good enough to speak fluently, you should push yourself to try. During my first year in Canada, I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed about my English. However, looking back now I regret not speaking English earlier. You can also ask those around you to correct your mistakes. I found this especially helpful as I conversed with my teachers and friends in English. Similarly, you should also listen to English speakers as that’ll help you pick up new words and sentences.

Implement English in your interests

A fairly easy way to improve your English is to go after your interests. For instance, I am a big fan of mystery shows. So, I started watching English mystery shows with subtitles on! The subtitles helped me expand my English vocabulary and even if I was not able to understand some of the words spoken, I could search up the words easily. Exposing yourself to new words through an activity you enjoy helps the vocabulary stick to you for longer periods. In other words, the context you learn English in matters. If you try to learn English under lots of stress, you are less likely to maintain the information you learned for a long period of time. Thus, I recommend you to try and improve your English in a fun enjoyable context!

Keep an English journal

In order to better your English, you need consistent practice. And one of the most convenient ways to improve your writing skills is to keep a journal. This journal can contain anything you like. You can decide what to write in it. For instance, the journal can be about your daily journey, or your thoughts or fictional stories. In order for your writing to get even better, you can come back to your previous day’s passage and rewrite it. I had many instances where I would learn new English words and grammatical rules so I would go back and correct my past writings. Keeping a journal has multiple other benefits as well. For instance, writing about your feelings and your daily life can decrease your stress and anxiety! You’ll slowly recognize how much your writing is improving if you continue to write in your journal.

Leaning English should not feel like a challenge. There are multiple convenient and fun ways for you to work on your English. The top three practices that helped me was engaging in English conversations and activities as well as keeping a journal. Although these are not the only ways of learning a new language. They are some of the most effective and easy things to do. So, I suggest you give them a try!

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