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Top Five Things I love about living in Canada


What made me decide to live in Canada

When I first landed in PEI (Prince Edward Island), Canada, the first thing that caught me off guard was the weather and the gorgeous sceneries. It felt like I had stepped into a world of snow-covered forests. I could tell it was going to take me a while to adjust to the changes ahead of me but I was ready nevertheless. My first year in Canada was not easy. I found it difficult to talk to anyone and I missed Iran dearly. However, things began to get better as time passed. My English started to improve and I slowly gained the confidence to talk to other international students. And slowly I started to discover all the things I love about living in Canada. And throughout this journey, I’ve learned to utilize such things to make my experiences more enjoyable.

Stunning nature

Canada is a land of elegant sceneries. From endless beaches to tallest of the mountains. There is all sort of unique natural places to visit. When I first moved here, even a regular park in Canada was fascinating to me. I got to see foxes and raccoons strolling around the parks of PEI. And in BC I got to see squirrels hanging around public places all the time. It all was so new and exciting. To this day I still haven’t had the chance to visit near than half of BC’s natural attractions.

Diverse population

Another awesome aspect of living in Canada is its’ diversity. You can find people from cultures all around the world in Canada. So naturally, in my first years in Canada, I got to learn a lot about many different cultures. At first, it was quite overwhelming since I had no clue what was considered right or wrong in other cultures. So, I felt hesitant to interact with others since I was afraid I would disrespect their culture. However, I learned it was necessary for me to take chances and make mistakes. In fact, I highly recommend you do the same. You never know what fascinating things you will learn about other cultures if you don’t expose yourself to them.

Top-notch post-secondary opportunities

Canada is known as one of the best countries for post-secondary education. There are many universities in Canada which are well known across the world. For instance, institutions such as UBC, UoT, and McGill are amongst the top best universities. Keep in mind, to get accepted you require high grades and lots of extracurricular activities. All post-secondary institutions in Canada offer diverse opportunities and extracurricular activities. Some of which include, co-op programs, internships, research opportunities, teacher assistant jobs, etc. If you are a big achiever moving to Canada, you can rest assured knowing your efforts in high school were not in vain.

Kind Open-minded Individuals all around the country

Despite “Canadians are polite” being a stereotype, I’ve had many experiences which proved it. Most people I’ve met in Canada are beyond understanding and nice when it comes to international students. For instance, my first Canadian teacher patiently helped me overcome my language barriers. She would take time off of her day to tutor me English on a daily basis. She also came to my house to bring me books as a parting gift before I moved to BC. Similarly, when I first arrived in BC my neighbors brought me house supplies of their own as a welcoming gesture. People’s kind actions were the first thing which made me fall in love with living in Canada.

Lots of activities to try

There is an endless number of activities for you to try in Canada no matter where in Canada you are. The activities range from eating at a countless number of unique international restaurants all the way to extreme activities like bungee jumping, rock climbing, and skydiving!

It’s been six years since I’ve moved to Canada. And although I had my doubts at first, I now know moving here was the best decision I’ve ever made. The kind diverse community combined with Canada’s ginormous list of opportunities and activities makes me realize how grateful I am for living in this slice of heaven on earth! Now I can proudly say I love living in Canada!

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