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What are the Advantages of Studying in Canada?

What Makes Canada the Best Place to Study?

Canada is one of the top choices amongst international students for postsecondary education. There are many advantages to studying in Canada! The main benefits include world-class postsecondary schools, post-grad work permit, ability to work part-time and possible permanent residence. These benefits are discussed in more details below.

World-class postsecondary schools

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Canada is home to many world-renowned schools. Canadian universities are well known for their expert research.

In Canada, you have countless choices in postsecondary schools. You may choose to attend a small, more focused college, all the way up to the biggest university in the country. But no matter what you choose, each school offers its own unique experiences, as well as great teaching and extracurricular opportunities. If you are someone who prefers a large university feel, UBC, Mcgill, or U of T may be for you! But, if you are someone who prefers smaller classes and individualized learning, you could attend KPU, Bishop’s University or Acadia University.

Working while you study

The advantages of studying in Canada include working while completing your studies. This is great because it reduces a students financial strain.

During the school year, international students can work up to 20 hours a week. Meanwhile, during any breaks such as winter break, students can work full time.

Lastly, students can also choose to do a co-op program along with their studies, which allows them to take a break from studying and do a work term. The work term consists generally of a job that is similar to their studies, giving them a great point to add to their CV.

Post-grad work permit

The next advantage is that students can obtain post-grad work permits in Canada. With these permits, students can remain in the country after grad and work. For example, if a student completes a 4-year program, they can stay and work up to 3 years. Also, if a student has done a one year program, they can remain in Canada and work for a year with this permit. This work permit allows them to gain more experience and may help them to further improve their language skills.

Pathway to Permanent Residence

A final advantage of studying in Canada is that it puts you on a direct path to permanent residence. If you work after grad on a post-grad work permit, you gain Canadian work experience. This can help you qualify for the Canadian Experience Class.

In addition, BC and Quebec have ways of identifying certain graduates that could be eligible for permanent residence. In BC, this process is known as the Provincial Nominee Program. But in Quebec, the equivalent is applying to the Quebec Selection Certificate. This means you can shorten the permanent residence process, as you don’t have to have had a job after grad.

Canada’s post-secondary education offers lots of benefits for students. As a student, you have countless choices in postsecondary schools known all around the world. You are able to get a post-grad work permit in Canada and work part-time during your study. Canada also provides you with easy ways to become a permanent residence as a student! Thus, the decision to study in Canada can be one of the best decisions made by anyone around the world.

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