10 Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out


The website LinkedIn is becoming increasingly popular in Canada. The site’s main purpose is to allow employers to search for people to hire, and for people seeking jobs to post their CV’s. It is also a platform for professional networking. Since this site has become incredibly popular, it can be hard to make your profile stand out amongst the many others. So, here are our top 10 tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out.

To take a look at the LinkedIn website, click the link here.

1. Carefully Choose the Right Words for Your Skills Section

When creating your profile make sure carefully word your skills section. The terms you put in your skills section are searchable. This means employers can easily find your CV just by searching certain words! How simple is that?

So make sure to spam the skills section so more employers can check out your profile!

2. Customize Your URL

Long, confusing URL’s can be complicated to look at. But in LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to customize your URL to something much simpler, such as This is so much better than super long URL and allows you to better publicize your profile.

To get your custom URL on LinkedIn, all you need to do is the following. First, head to the edit profile screen and look for your basic information at the bottom of the grey window. Then, simply click on “edit” next to the public profile URL section. Next, just specify what you want your URL address to be and click “Set Custom URL.” All done!

3. Use a Professional Photo


LinkedIn is not at all like your social media, so putting a photo up that you’d also send on Snapchat will not help you get hired. For your LinkedIn profile photo, it’s important to use something that looks professional. This means a clear, high-quality headshot of you. in the headshot, it’s important that you look presentable for a work environment. This could mean subtle makeup and styled hair, as well as a classy outfit. Similar to something you’d regularly wear to work or an interview.

Another point regarding profile photos, make sure you look friendly! It’s important to smile in your photos, as a sad or neutral face will not bring in employers. No one wants someone who appears to be upset often working for them, so put your best “happy face” on.

4. Keep the Headline to the Point

There’s no need to overcrowd your headline with fluffy adjectives. The headline is what employers that are searching for people see first, so it’s important to use your headline to clearly demonstrate who you are. For example, a headline could be “Software Engineer at Microsoft.” This headline is straight to the point, and if an employer is looking to hire a software engineer this immediately tells them that you have the experience and correct knowledge to hold that title.

Making sure the headline you use is relevant to employers searches is key, and thus using your job title and your current company is both the simplest and best way to have employers discover your profile and hopefully contact you.

5. Use Job Descriptions to Benefit You

If you’re after a particular position, examine the job description carefully and pick out keywords. You could even use a website such as Wordle, which will pick out keywords for you. Once you have this list of keywords, be sure to use them in your CV, especially in the experience section. Proving that you’ve done what they’re looking for on many occasions will prove your knowledge and experience to employers. This could lead to employers contacting you, as you seem like a highly experienced and relevant candidate to them.

6. Add Media Content to Your Profile


A LinkedIn profile has an advantage over using standard Cv’s, as it allows you to add other media sources, such as photos or videos, to your profile. This allows employers to really see what you do, as opposed to just deciding that the details and traits you’ve listed on your CV are true.

Some examples of the media you could include are presentation files, photos of you speaking in front of people, or videos of something you have created such as software or machinery. All of this will allow employers to have a visual of what you’ve accomplished as well as written information. Since humans tend to be quite visual, doing this will likely make your profile stand out more to potential employers over the basic written profile.

7. Include a Section For References and Recommendations

LinkedIn allows users to write recommendations for others and have recommendations written for them as well. Having recommendations from previous co-workers and especially supervisors again makes the claims you’ve made on your profile seem much more valid.

To get recommendations, you can ask other users you know on LinkedIn, or you could consider offering to write a recommendation for someone else, hoping that they’ll return the favor. This is one of the greatest tips to make your profile stand out on LinkedIn, as employers have easy access to your references and their opinions right here, eliminating the need to contact them all separately.

8. Open Your Profile Up to Recruiters


LinkedIn’s site allows users to specify to recruiters that they are actively job hunting. On your private dashboard, there is a section with the title “Let recruiters know you’re open” and you should place a check mark here to let them know you are. In addition, here you can also specify the type of opportunities you want to be connected with. This could mean specifying full-time versus part-time work, work locations or specifying the role you’re searching for.

Opening your profile up not only makes you more searchable to recruiters, but it allows you to be specific with employers. This makes the job search process much more efficient for both parties.

9. Keep Updating Your Profile


Ensuring your profile is up to date is one of the more important of the 10 tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out. This means posting content regularly about work accomplishments and promotions, so you don’t have to remember it later when job searching. For example, if you know a deadline for one of your major projects is coming up, set a reminder in your phone or write in your agenda so you don’t forget to post about it on LinkedIn!

Updating your profile regularly with accomplishments will show employers that you’re consistently successful. After all, who doesn’t want to hire someone who succeeds all the time?

10. Include Alternate Contact Info

LinkedIn’s messaging service isn’t an ideal method of communication. For people who aren’t using the premium service, you can only send messages and receive messages from people who you are already connected to. Clearly, this isn’t great for those searching for a new employer or new people, as they won’t already be connected to you on LinkedIn. Employers then cannot contact you right away, making the job of searching for new candidates seem even more tedious.

This makes it so important for you to provide other ways for people to get in touch with you. Once people have alternate contact info, they can contact you right away if they want to. This saves the employers time, as they can contact you immediately instead of sending a request and waiting for you.


As the site grows, it’s important you have all 10 tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out. Using these 10 simple tips will increase your searchability on LinkedIn and will make your profile clear and crisp. Both of these are key to having employers choose you as their new hire.

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