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3 Amazing Things I did Last Summer in Vancouver


SUMMER is almost here. As an international student, I love exploring around in Vancouver during the summer, looking for various outdoor events to go to. Are you looking for places to go this summer? Here are 3 amazing things I did last summer and believe me, you don’t want to miss any of them THIS SUMMER.

1 Pride Parade/BC Day

credit: Vancouver Pride Society

The parade is hosted by Vancouver Pride Society every year on the first Sunday in August, which is also BC Day. They also hosted a Sunset Beach Festival on the same day so me and my friends headed to downtown at around 4 pm last summer. The parade was filled with love and acceptance, and I really enjoyed seeing people’s happy faces and enjoying the sunset together with friends and family. They also had very intense fireworks to end the day with. I really think that something like this deserves a spot amongst the top 3 amazing things I did last summer.

For more info on the Pride Parade, click here.ㅤ

2 Biking in Stanley Park

credit: Spokes

One of my favorite sports is CYCLING. With Vancouver’s beautiful environment, cycling is very relaxing here. Last summer, my friends and I rented a few Mobi bikes and we biked around downtown and Stanley Park. Mobi bike is a bike-sharing system around Vancouver which allows you to rent a bike for a whole day for $9.99 (unlimited 30-minute trips). A tip I would give is, if you are going for a long ride, find a Mobi bike station, drop the bike before the 30-minute trip finishes, and then get another bike at the station, then you don’t need to pay extra. Now, get a bike with you when you are ready to go for a nice ride and experience nature in Vancouver.

For more info on Stanley Park, click here.ㅤ

3 Deep Cove Hike


During the summer in Vancouver, hiking is also a very good option. Deep Cove is located on the East Side of Vancouver and the scenery there is breathtaking. The hike there is not very long. If you go along the Baden Powell trail, which goes from Mt. Seymour Road to Quarry Rock, the round trip only takes around 2 hours. This is a hike that you shall not miss in the Summer. I’m going to go again this summer. Hope to see you there!

For more info on Deep Cove, click here.ㅤ

What are you waiting for? Let’s go out and enjoy this amazing summertime in Vancouver.

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