[AB] Top 5 Banff Restaurants you MUST try

Welcome to Banff, a gorgeous town with lots of exciting restaurants! Among these restaurants lie 5 unique classic treasures for foodies like you and me. Learn more about the best unique restaurants Banff can offer below!

The Balkan

At The Balkan you can experience the fresh and tasty diet of Greece. Once you enter The Balkan you are greeted by their friendly staff which will make you feel right at home. What’s more, you will get the chance to try their award-winning cocktails, and Greek cuisines such as braised meats, herb-infused vegetables, and a vegetarian Moussaka. The vibrant atmosphere combined with the occasional belly dance performance will make you enjoy your food even more. In addition, if you visit on Tuesday or Friday night you get to enjoy their dinner extravaganza featuring greek dancing and plate smashing! Don’t forget to book a table to guarantee yourself a spot.

The Grizzly House

The Grizzly House is arguably one of the most unique restaurants of the Banff. They claim “We know food and we know Banff ” since their opening in 1967. And they are not wrong! The exotic atmosphere plus the unique Swiss-Canadian themed menu of Grizzly House will guarantee you memorable tasty dining experience. Additionally, you can enjoy their wide variety of fondues and sizzling hot rocks which come in all sorts of exotic meats. For instance, if you like trying out new food then try their remarkable rattlesnake, shark or alligator fondue! But make sure you reserve your seat ahead of time as the Grizzly House has a lot of fans.

Juniper Bistro

Known for their stunning views and fancy cuisine, Juniper Bistro is a must try hidden gem in Banff. The wall-to-wall glass view of Juniper Bistro looks out over one of the most beautiful vistas. If you are looking forward to relaxing dining after your hiking, cycling, skiing, or downtown shopping then Juniper Bistro is the way to go. You can also dine on their patio to further enjoy the breathtaking view of the Banff town, Mount Rundle, Vermilion Lakes, and the Bow Valley. Be sure to book your table ahead of time via phone or online.

Magpie and Stump

Looking for authentic Mexican cuisine after a long day? Look no further than the local favorite Mexican eatery Magpie and Stum! This little piece of Mexico in the mountains serves up flavorful tacos, burritos, enchiladas and over 60 tequilas. What’s more, the restaurant’s modern interior is not only welcoming but also kids friendly. You are not required to reserve your seats so feel free to pop by the place anytime you are craving Mexican food.

Nourish Bistro

Nourish Bistro has been dedicated to making fresh and innovative vegetarian food ever since its opening in 2005. Customers often visit to enjoy Nourish’s organic comfort food in an intimate dining setting. All of the ingredients used in cocktails and dishes of the restaurant are locally grown, fresh and organic! In addition, you can get GMO free and Gluten free dishes. Furthermore, by supporting the restaurant you also support the local organic farms! Moreover, local musicians often perform live so you can look forward to free entertainment with your food. Book your table to make sure you have a spot ahead of time.

Banff is among the most beautiful towns in Canada and fortunately, it houses some super tasty restaurants for foodies! Hopefully, with our guide, you can now enjoy our favorite unique foodie spots of Banff.

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