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Looking for authentic Korean restaurants but don’t want the hassle of traveling to Korea? Don’t worry because there are plenty of tasty Korean cuisines right here in Vancouver. Out of the numerous number of Korean restaurants in Vancouver, the 5 below stand out the most as they’ve managed to satisfy pretty much all of their hungry customers.


Tâ Bom has been gaining popularity all over Instagram. Photos of their signature hot plates have brought many foodies to this cozy Korean Cuisine spot. These tasty hot plates come with your choice of stir-fried marinated meats, such as dak-galbi (spicy chicken) and jeyuk-bokkeum (spicy pork). In addition, each hot plate is accompanied by additional sides such as corn, cheese, and egg. What’s more, these sides are commonly used as dips to give the tender meat an extra flavorful kick.

Tâ Bom has two locations:

  • 1046 Austin Ave C, Coquitlam, BC V3K 3P3
  • 1536 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6G 1C2

Price range: $11-30

More information: Tâ Bom’s Instagram

Maru Korean Bistro

The experienced chefs, Shin and Jo established Maru as their first restaurant after their Bap’s Kitchen catering service. The meals here tend to stick to traditional Korean dishes with tweaks borrowed from Western techniques such as sous vide, brining, and oven-braising. In addition, Shin and Jo minimize the usage of artificial food ingredients and MSG in all their dishes. Hence why, Maru’s cuisine can only be described as refreshingly tasty.

Location: 125 2nd St E, North Vancouver, BC V7L 1C2

Price range: $9.5-36

More information: Maru Korean Bistro


The staff at Hangang strive to serve Korean foods that are at the highest standards of quality and freshness. Their signature dishes are Mak-Guksu, Grilled Bulgogi and Mul-Naengmyeon, and Sogogi Sundubu-Jjigae. The interior of the restaurant is modern and simple making customers feel welcomed when they enter. Furthermore, Hangang also offers delivery if you are not in the mood of going out of the house.

Location: 1150 Austin Ave, Coquitlam, BC V3K 3P5

Price range: $11-32

More information:  Hangang Korean restaurant

Ma Dang Goul (MDG)

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The beef short ribs and pork are heavily marinated but utterly delicious @mdg_vancouver on Denman. They were so, so good, even if the short ribs were a bit on the fatty side, because its smokiness and the sauce went perfectly with the bowls of soft, chewy rice in this chilly weather. Even the kimchi was amazing, and I don't even like kimchi on its own! The restaurant has been there for years- its small and kind of dank- reminiscent of small street food stalls, but it was filled with locals and international Korean students, so you know its a good choice 😀 . . #beef #beefshortribs #pork #bbq #koreanfood #koreanrestaurant #asianfood #denman #holeinthewall #vancouverdowntown #vancouverrestaurants #mdg #foodie #foodinsta #igfood #igdaily #potd #foodfeed #comfortfood #yum #eeeeeats #604food #vancouvereats #yvreats #vancityeats

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Ma Dang Goul is one of the foodies’ go-to places for Korean homestyle comfort food. At MDG, you can enjoy tasty Korean Cuisine with side dishes such as mung bean jelly cake, potatoes, bean sprouts, salad, and kimchi. The servers are super nice and cooperative making you feel right at home when you enter.

Location: 847 Denman St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2L7

Price range: $10-35

More information: Ma Dang Goul’s Facebook Page

South Castle Korean Restuarant

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South Castle is known for its delicious and unique dishes such as Soondae (Korean blood sausage). Although there are not a lot of menu items to choose from, this cozy little spot seems to impress everyone with its’ food nevertheless. Many of South castle’s menu items will make your taste buds feel funky in the best way possible. For instance, their signature stir-fried intestine is a must-try.

Location: 141 2nd St E, North Vancouver, BC V7L 1C2

Price range: $10-26

More information: South Castle Korean Restuarant

Masita Korean Restuarant

Masita is the perfect spot for large and small groups since they offer a wide variety of food items in addition to their family-friendly environment. Their dishes are made only with fresh ingredients and of course, they come with tasty banchans. What’s more, the menu items are very affordable for the quantity of food you’ll receive.

Location: 6516 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5E 1C5

Price range: $9-27

No matter where you are from, you must have craved Korean food at least once. The tender meat, the tasty fresh vegetables and not to mention the superb banchans are just finger-licking good. What’s not to crave? So head on to these top foodie Korean restaurants in Vancouver whenever your craving kicks in!

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