[BC] The 6 Best Seafood Restaurants in Vancouver!


Vancouver is a coastal city, meaning fresh seafood comes into the city every day! This fresh seafood can be found at numerous restaurants, and below we have a list of the top rated choices for feasting on seafood. Our picks range from casual fish and chips to fine dining with stunning views, showcasing Vancouver’s diverse options. So, next time you’re craving a seafood meal, check out our list of the best seafood restaurants in Vancouver!

Fish Cafe

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Calamari and Halibut Fish & Chips. #jurneats

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The Fish Cafe is a great choice for those who are looking for tasty seafood in a casual setting. This casual eatery serves fast-food style seafood dishes, including fish and chips and fish burgers. The restaurant also offers a selection of beers and wines to go along with your meal. In addition, if you’re craving something sweet after, they offer a couple of yummy desserts as well!

The Fish Counter

Another casual seafood eatery is the Fish Counter! This restaurant offers dine-in services as well as takeout to customers. The menu is simple offering fish and chips made with a variety of fish, including halibut, salmon or cod. Customers can also choose from a selection of sandwiches or soups such as the crab and shrimp baguette or the clam chowder.

One unique aspect of the eatery is that the chefs ensure that all the seafood you consumed is local and has been caught in a sustainable way! Here, you can eat your favorite dishes with peace of mind knowing that your eating locally and sustainably!

The Holy Crab

The Holy Crab is an awesome choice for those looking for a seafood feast to share with friends! This restaurant gives you only a mallet to crack open piles of delicious shellfish such as crab, mussels or prawns. Here, you can order different seafood by the pound and can select a few sides to go along with it. However, if you’re not in a large group you can also opt for any of the individual dishes on the menu.

Hook Seabar

The Hook Seabar is an independent restaurant located right at English Bay! This restaurant could serve as an excellent choice for those looking for a great happy hour selection after a beach day! The happy hour menu includes many favorites such as oysters and chicken wings. Guests can also choose from the dinner or brunch menu. Lastly, the Hook provides an extensive drink list including fancy cocktails and a selection of beers and wines! For all of these reasons, Hook Seabar is one of the best restaurants for seafood in Vancouver!

Blue Water Cafe

Blue Water Cafe is arguably one of the best seafood restaurants in Vancouver, if not the best. The restaurant itself is stunning and formal, providing guests with a luxury atmosphere for enjoying their food. In addition, the menu here is extensive; guests can choose from a variety of starters, raw seafood, and main courses. Other than seafood, the restaurant also has many drinks and desserts to choose from to go along with your meal!

For those attending Blue Water Cafe in a group, you may want to consider sharing the seafood tower, unique to Blue Water Cafe. These towers include tons of shellfish as well as unique sushi rolls, all perfect for sharing with friends!

YEW seafood + bar

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Feast | Spot prawn dining series from Yew Seafood + Bar inside @fsvancouver hotel in @downtownvan // BC spot prawns with heirloom potatoes, Chilliwack corn, buttered asparagus, roasted zucchini, parmesan crust candied sweet potatoes, charred jalapeño cornbread pineapple, chili jam, lemon old bay aioli, and roasted shallot and garlic butter; 'Little Red Corvette' red wine sangria with @flordecanarum, blackberries, cherries, hibiscus flowers, Spanish Tempranillo, Viñas Elias Mora Tinta de Toro, hint of sarsaparilla bark from bitters; and 'Pelican Brief' white wine sangria with @lfngwine pinot gris, @tanqueraygin, tamarind and tumeric syrup, coconut water, lime juice, @bittered_sling grapefruit and hops bitters 🍤🍷 • #yewrestaurant #yewyvr #yvarcade — #bcspotprawns #fourseasons #fourseasonshotel #fourseasonsvancouver #fstaste #fsvancouver #sangriawine #seafoodboil #seafoodfeast #seafoodlover #seafoodlovers #sharemyfs #spotprawns #vancityeats #vancouvereats #vancouverfoodie #yvreats

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YEW seafood + bar is one of the best locations for fine dining and seafood in the Vancouver area. This restaurant has menus for all times of day – including breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. In addition, there’s also an entire menu dedicated to those that are vegan. The YEW’s menus are elegant and extensive and include a variety of local seafood, such as seared fish and scallops or grilled octopus.

All in all, for those looking for fine seafood dining the YEW seafood + bar has all the seafood you could hope for, served in a stunning and formal restaurant.

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