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How to Make the Perfect Cover Letter and Get That Interview!

How to Make the Perfect Cover Letter and Get That Interview!

Applying for jobs is no longer just about the resume. Submitting a cover letter is crucial, and you should submit a unique one every time you submit a new application. You should even submit one if a company doesn’t ask for it, as it shows you’ve put a lot of effort into your application. Never written a cover letter? No worries, here is our guide of how to make the perfect cover letter!

The Purpose of a Cover Letter

It is important to first familiarize with the cover letter’s purpose before you begin writing. A cover letter is meant to elaborate on your skills and experience, and show specifically what makes you suitable for the job. It is in the letter that you’ll want to make a sales pitch about yourself. Alright, now that we have the purpose, here’s the ideal process for how to make a perfect cover letter.

Steps to Take Before Starting Your Letter

Just starting your cover letter right away without doing research or compiling ideas will not help you get the job. It is vital that you do some research into the company and the job posting before starting. Research allows you to pick out specific qualities the company is looking for and to understand how the company works. Finding this information allows you to write a cover letter where you can present the exact skills the company needs. Of course, if a company sees that you have exactly what they’re looking for and seem like a great fit to their atmosphere, they’re going to hire you!

Another step to take is to ensure you have a list of accomplishments and successes at work that you can draw from to include in your letter. Using specific examples to prove your skills and experience is key in convincing employers of your skills.

Now that you’ve prepared, let’s move onto the letter itself!

The Format

(1) The Header and Contact Information

Cover letters have a specific format that they should follow, just as resumes do. First, you should begin with a header. This header should include all your contact information, such as name, phone number, address and email. Up next placing the date is a good idea before clarifying all of your employer’s contact information. One thing to note, if you can, include the name of the representative who is doing the hiring, as well as their position. Up next, before getting into the letter itself you should begin with a salutation. If you know the name of the person be sure to use that, but if not dear hiring manager is also acceptable and far better than to whom it may concern.

(2) The Letter’s Introduction

Now that most of the little formalities are done, it’s time to begin the bulk of the letter. We recommend that you begin with a brief introductory paragraph. Here, you should state what job you’re applying for and how you heard about it. You should also give the reader a preview of what’s to come in the letter by briefly mentioning some of your skills and experience.

(3) The Body of Your Letter

Up next is the body of your letter. This is where you go into detail regarding why you’d be an excellent choice for this job. One important tip to use here, be sure to mention specific qualifications that you saw in the job posting! This proves to the employers that you have the exact skills that they’re looking for. Another tip is to back up the statements in your cover letter with specific examples because just listing off qualifications is the same as what’s probably on your resume. So be as specific as you can here and relate your experiences and skills to what the employers have said they’re looking for.

(4) The Closing Section

Now for the closing section. Here, you should restate briefly if you can why you’d be an excellent candidate, and discuss why you’d like to work for that company.  Finish with remarks regarding how to get in contact with you,  and that you’d like to come in for an interview. Finally, sign off on the letter using “sincerely” followed by your signature.

Cover letters are essential to job applications nowadays, and truly are a great way to convey your unique skills and experience. They allow you to convey your skills in a precise manner, as opposed to just listing them. This allows employers to get a better sense of who you are and what you can actually bring to their workplace, making them more likely to hire you!

Need more information on how to make the perfect cover letter? Click here!

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