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Jobs That Allow You to Work From Anywhere, Anytime

Jobs That Allow You to Work From Anywhere, Anytime

For those who dislike routine, working in the same place all the time might drive them crazy. And since everyone has to work, why not pick a career that allows you to work from anywhere, anytime? There are tons of careers out there that give you this kind of freedom. Careers of this type can be found in the media sector, visual arts, cosmetology, and so much more. Here is our list of jobs that allow you to work from anywhere, anytime!


The number of careers in writing is endless; you could be writing for a blog, magazine, website, or even become an author who writes novels. It’s a fantastic option for those who are more creative and enjoy having the freedom to work for whoever they choose.

Being a writer allows you to work from anywhere in the world, as most written content is now created digitally. You could be sitting on the beach in the middle of Greece while also writing your debut novel, how great does that sound? Also, if you choose to be a freelance writer, you can work for a variety of different companies all the time! That means more experience and references to put on your CV, and you don’t have to attend the same office every day 8 hours day, you get to mix it up!

Graphic Designer

If you love to work with your creative skills and have the freedom to choose your workspace, graphic design could be perfect! As a graphic designer, you can work from anywhere as long as you have a computer and design programs.

Most companies nowadays understand that is incredibly important to market themselves to the online world.  This means tons of jobs are available for those who enjoy graphic design! You could even choose to be a freelance graphic designer, allowing you to work with multiple different companies at once. You’ll never be stuck making similar designs over and over again as a freelance designer, you get to keep on trying new things.

Makeup Artist

There are women all over the world who love makeup! This is promising if you’re someone that really enjoys design and makeup, and wants the freedom of choosing a work location.

As a makeup artist, you have a ton of freedom. You could choose almost any city and be able to find work because makeup has become so popular. From there, you could choose to work for a particular studio, or you could open up your own business. If opening a brand new business in the city is a challenge, you could even start working from home. This is super convenient, you could just walk downstairs and start your work day! Another option could be to become a freelance makeup artist and do the client’s makeup at a location they choose.

Virtual Tutor

Virtual tutors are another one of those jobs that allow you to work from anywhere, anytime. If you’re someone who loves teaching and is flexible when it comes to the subject and level, this could be a great career.

Virtual tutors use different systems, such as Adobe Connect to tutor students who are all based in different locations. This is not only great for students, as it saves them time, but it also allows the tutor to work from anywhere. Tutors can also usually work at all times of day, especially if they’re tutoring university students who have varying schedules. Another option is to tutor students from different parts of the world, which can give you even more flexibility in terms of time. If you really wanted to tutor a student in the middle of the night you could! Or maybe you like being done work in the early afternoon, that’s also an option with this career!


For those who are fluent in many languages and want to work in many places, a career as a translator is ideal. Translators are generally tasked with either translating online text to another language or translating dialogues at meetings, conferences or events.

As a translator who works to translate digital content, you have the most freedom. You could work in an office, from home, or for multiple companies at once. You could even do your translation work from your favorite cafe if you felt like it. If you end up being a translator for meetings or conferences, you might have to work at precise times, but can still choose to be freelance and work for a variety of companies.

If you haven’t found anything on this list you enjoy, don’t worry. You have more freedom when it comes to workplaces and hours than you might think. There are tons of jobs that allow you to work from anywhere, anytime so make sure to do your research on job seeking sites, such as Monster or LinkedIn!

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