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Saskatchewan is a vast prairie province filled with exciting food inspired by different cultures. Although some dishes are unique to Saskatchewan, most of the food has been passed on from different cultures who’ve settled in the area. And thanks to this, you can enjoy lots of classic tasty food from Russia, Ukraine, first nations and more in Saskatchewan.

Saskatoon Pie

On top of the list lies a delicious pie filled with the unique berries that nourished the First Nations. The Saskatoon pie’s nutty flavor, caused by the native prairie berry, tends to catch people off guard in the best way possible. Unfortunately, this tasty dessert is in danger. Slow Food International states “[These] berries are under serious threat in Western Canada due to loss of habitat caused by housing and industrial development”. So, if you happen upon a Saskatoon Pie, treasure it dearly.

Regina-style / Deep Dish Pizza

Regina-style Pizzas are a favorite in Saskatchewan. You may ask what makes Regina-style so different from a regular pizza? Well, The Regina-syle pizzas have more crust, toppings and cheese compared to regular pizzas. They are typically cut into squares that reveal the glorious heights of pepperoni. Popular Saskatoon pizza places that serve the deep dish pizza include Houston Pizza, Copper Kettle, Western and Tumblers.


An all-time favorite in Saskatchewan is their fluffy doughnut. But these doughnuts come with an exciting twist! They are made out of mashed potatoes. Spuds, short for spudnuts, are a prairie classic and they are popular since potatoes thrive in the northern climate of Saskatchewan. The modern spudnuts use potato flour, instant mashed potatoes and even pre-packaged mixes instead of mashed potatoes. But nevertheless, the potato makes the doughnut lighter and fluffier than those made with flour.

Eastern Europe Inspired Cuisine

Ukrainian and Russian cultures have influence Saskatchewan food greatly. Hence, it is not surprising to see why the dishes such as PerogiesBorscht and Cabbage Rolls are so popular in Saskatchewan. If you like sour food, you should give Borscht a go. Borscht is a Ukrainian soup made with beetroots as it’s the main ingredient. On the other hand, Perogies are tender dumplings with an either savory or sweet filling. But wait, it doesn’t end there. Last but not least are the yummy Cabbage Rolls. These small pieces of heaven have cabbage as their shell and savory ingredients as their delicious filling. As expected, these 3 meals are a part of many festivities in Saskatchewan such as Christmas or the Fowl Dinner! Similarly, Ukrainian churches also host all-you-can-eat perogy dinners here.

From tasty desserts to varying cultural dishes. You can find them all at in this prairie land known as Saskatchewan. And unfortunately, Our list only covers a few of the foods offered in Saskatchewan. So be sure to visit Saskatchewan’s restaurants and try out not only our suggestions but more!

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