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How to Find a Mentor and Benefit From Them

How to Find a Mentor and Benefit From Them

Mentors are a great way to learn more about your career and your future within that sector. Finding a mentor can actually be easier than you think, and is a fantastic idea for those just entering their career. Here’s our guide on how to find a mentor and benefit from them!

A mentor is a great idea, especially in your first year of work, when you’re just getting used to everything!

Finding a mentor

Finding a mentor doesn’t have to be challenging. First, you should search for someone who has previously been in your role. For example, if you’re the new manager of digital marketing look for the person who occupied that position for you. Try your best to meet with them and learn about their experience in your new role; cover things that worked well for them, things that didn’t and how to best go about that role in a company. If you can’t seem to connect with this person face to face in your company, you can also try reaching out on LinkedIn.

Secondly, be sure you’re connecting with a mentor who has no problem being honest. While learning how to best navigate your new career, having someone who can give you good constructive criticism is important. You want to avoid mentors who seem to be just acting as your “cheerleader.” Although it can be nice to have support,  a mentor should be someone who can in a way teach and train you in regards to your career, not solely support you.

Finally, in these types of relationship, it will likely be the mentee who reaches out. Don’t be afraid to make the first move! Try to approach someone who’s already in your circle and formally ask them to be your mentor. Although formally asking them may seem odd, it’s likely nothing but flattering to your mentor. Now that you have this person as a mentor you don’t need to feel bad about asking them lots of questions, because in a mentor relationship this happens naturally. Also, be sure to get to know them! A deeper connection will help your mentorship improve and you’ll be able to seek advice linked to all facets of your life.

Learn from experience, both career and personal

Mentors are one of the best ways to learn due to their numerous experiences both professionally and personally. Ina professional sense, mentors are great because they’ve likely dealt with some of the same work problems that you’re currently encountering. This means they can provide sound advice that has some truth to it because they have also been in that position. Another thing you can bring up with your mentor is career advancement. Ask them how they got to where they are today. Perhaps this will lead to advice on joining certain professional organizations or pursuing a masters degree.

Mentors don’t have to solely give career advice. If you’re seeking advice in regards to your personal life, this could also be an option. Of course, be sure it’s okay to ask your mentor any personal questions before entering this type of relationship. If they are okay with this, you can start learning all about how to better your personal life as well.

Mentors are a fantastic source of information. So, be sure to follow our guide on how to find a mentor and benefit from them. Having this mentorship has the ability to benefit you both professionally and personally, which is great for both parties. You learn tons as a mentee, and the mentor gets to give back to their community by training the next generation of leaders and great citizens!

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