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In Demand Finance Jobs in Canada – Career Options for You!

The financial sector here in Canada has always been one of importance. But, there are some roles within it that are growing more than others. Below, check out our picks of in-demand finance jobs in Canada!

Also, it’s worth mentioning that jobs in the businesshealthcare and general technology sectors are also growing.


Accountants take the number one spot for in-demand finance jobs in Canada. A job as an accountant includes detailing all financial aspects of a company or an individual. This means recording transactions, providing advice based on budgets, and helping companies or people to plan for the future.

As an accountant, you can expect to work in a bank or in a company office. Those who work in a bank setting help individuals to plan their finances, and they are known as personal accountants. They may also help small businesses to plan for the future and growth. For those working in a company setting, you are usually responsible for one client – the company. You could be managing and recording all financial aspects of a company, or just be doing so for a part of the company. This, of course, depends on the size of the company you work for.


Please see below the programs of accounting you can pursue at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Canada.

Accounting Diploma (Two-Years)

Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting


Business Analysts

Business analysts is another role in the financial sector that is in demand now. Their focus includes solving all problems related to the functioning of a business or company. For example, a business analyst may identify a problem with the software that a business is using. The analyst will then make sure that the process is back up and running properly fast. Another example might be that a business analyst has an idea for how to handle financial transactions more smoothly. They will then work with others to ensure this is done and to keep everything as efficient as possible. The main theme for a business analyst is to streamline and improve all processes that a business uses.

As a business analyst, you can expect to work for a bank, insurance company or any other major company really. Since all businesses want to be efficient as possible, business analyst job openings pop up all the time!

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Please see below the arts & business transfer-to-university diploma program you can pursue in Canada.

Arts & Business Diploma (Two-Years)


Payroll Clerks

Payroll clerks are those who tally workers hours and determine how much they will be paid bi-weekly. They may also handle any questions from workers regarding benefits, or pay stubs. You can think of a payroll clerk position as sort of an entry-level accountant, who has specialized into a certain area of a company.

As a payroll clerk, you could work literally anywhere. All companies must pay their employees and you could be responsible for employee payments at a company you’d like! It’s a great choice for someone who wants to change workplaces often, or for those who enjoy a stable career. Although the job is fairly routine, the variety of places you could work to make it more exciting.


Below are some programs from SAIT you can pursue in Canada.

Business Administration (Two-Years) Diploma

Bachelor of Applied Business Administration


Tax Accountants

Tax accountants in Canada are similar to regular accountants, only their specialization is taxes. As a tax accountant, some of your primary responsibilities include preparing tax payments, estimating and tracking tax returns and developing tax strategies that are within the law but help a company or individual financially.

Tax accountants work in a variety of places including companies, accounting firms, or banks. Individuals might even hire tax accountants when tax season comes around. Again, although the job is quite routine, you can work for a variety of places. Or, if you prefer stability and not to change workplaces, tax accountants can remain with a workplace for a long period of time.



22 March 2019
2019 Auditors Alliance
OECD Headquarters, Paris, France
Photo: OECD/Andrew Wheeler


The role of an auditor involves a variety of different tasks such as verifying assets and liabilities and comparing them to documentation or ensuring all internal controls are running as they should. Once an auditor has done an assessment of a company, they provide advice on how the company should proceed in order to improve.


Vancouver Community College – Accounting Diploma Program

As an auditor, you can work internally o externally. Internal auditors are employees of the company being audited, while external is from an outside source. Also, auditors generally have a job that is routine, but they have a chance to audit different companies as an external auditor. This can make the job feel more exciting and less routine. However, if you prefer a routine job,  it may be better to work as an internal auditor.

The financial sector in Canada is one of growth. If you are a business student with an interest in finance, be sure to consider the jobs above. They’re currently in-demand finance jobs in Canada and will likely stay in demand. To search for these jobs, take a look at LinkedIn or Monster!

However, if these jobs didn’t suit you, you should check out Canada’s Business Sector – What Jobs are In Demand?

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