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The Best Emerging and New Careers in Canada

The Best Emerging and New Careers in Canada

The world around us is changing every day, and as it does new jobs appear to help cope with these changes. From technology to the healthcare sector, new jobs are appearing to cope with changing times. So, take a look at our list of the best emerging and new careers in Canada below!

If none of these seem to suit you however, there are also lots of careers in-demand in the greenhealthcare and technology sectors.

AI researcher

Artificial intelligence is rapidly taking hold here in Canada. As an AI researcher, you will help to build different types of AI and document your findings as well. Building these different types of AI will likely involve coding, creating algorithms and testing their machines. So if you’re someone who loves software as well as hands-on work, this job might be perfect! Next, some of the things you could be building include drones, robots, or autonomous vehicles. Finally, you’ll work for a private technology company if you choose to enter this kind of career, such as Interset,or Ross Intelligence.

Environmental engineer

Architect working on inspective in workplace – architectural project, blueprints,ruler,calculator,laptop and divider compass. Construction concept. Engineering tools,selective focus

The Earth is changing and we are fighting against climate change right now in many parts of the world. In order for us to continue living on a habitable planet, we will need many environmental engineers who can help in terms of climate change mitigation and adaptation. This means creating solutions to reduce our emissions, such as better waste management systems or improving solar panels. It also means thinking of solutions for the challenges we already face. These could include creating carbon capture storage systems that would pull CO2 out of the air! This would greatly improve air quality and would get rid of some of the toxic conditions we’ve already made. There are of course many other areas that would require environmental engineers, so don’t worry if you don’t like those roles.

Environmental engineers can work for many different private companies, who are focused on designing green technology for a better world.

Data scientist

Another one of the best emerging and new careers in Canada is that of a data scientist. Every second of the day, new data is created by humans. Therefore, we need efficient and organized ways to store all this data so we can easily access and use it. In addition, we need data scientists who can come to certain conclusions through data analysis. For example, if you’re trying to find out where most cases of flooding are in the world, you’d first need to have all associated data and then would need a tool to search. In the end, you’d hopefully have an answer. Ideally, a process like this shouldn’t take long if data scientists have made or are using software that searches through data easily.

As a data scientist, you could work in either the private or public sector. So many industries deal with data, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding a job.

Augmented or virtual reality developer

For those who are more creative, a great emerging and new career option could be augmented or virtual reality developer! Both careers require skills in computer science, video game design, and animation. Where they differ is that augmented reality developers take real-world environments and overlay certain virtual elements on top for an enhanced effect, and virtual reality is entirely animation.

In either of these professions, you could end up working in the gaming, film, or even in the healthcare sector. In the healthcare sector, you’d likely be creating virtual or augmented reality experiences that could help with psychological health issues.

Remote surgeon

credit: Intuitive Surgical Inc

Remote surgeons are becoming the norm in Canada for operating on patients that are in remote places of the country. As a remote surgeon, you control a surgical operation, but from afar. Using robotic tools and sensory technology, you can do an entire surgery from many kilometers away. If you’re someone who’s headed into the medical field, you should consider this emerging career. The pay is great and you get to help people who otherwise might struggle to get the operations they need.

Emerging and new careers are popping up every day in Canada. In one of the careers above, you’d be on the cutting edge of societal transformation, which is incredibly cool. So, be sure to consider some of these careers because they will be high in-demand very soon!

To search for some of these jobs today, check both Monster and LinkedIn!

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