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The Best of the Engineering Sector – Here’s What’s In-Demand

The Best of the Engineering Sector – Here’s What’s In-Demand

Engineering is almost always in-demand in Canada. But, there are some specialties with apparently higher demand. So, if you want to be extra sure they’ll be work available for you in this sector, you should stick to one of the specialties below. Here is the best of the engineering sector!

Need proof that there are tons of engineering jobs out there? Check out LinkedIn or Monster and go on a job search.

Civil engineer

Civil engineers focus on constructing public infrastructure. This could be anything from bridges to buildings, to all the roads we drive on. So, if you have an interest in planning and building a city, this could be the ideal career for you.

Additionally, the salary averages at about $67,800 annually according to Neuvoo. There’s also substantial room to earn more as you gain experience in this profession.

Mechanical engineer

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines, yet it remains just as relevant. This engineering discipline is concentrated on creating machinery and devices. This could include building all kinds of appliances, gadgets, and full systems.

For mechanical engineers, you have the opportunity to make quite a bit of money. $64,502 is the average salary for this particular discipline says Payscale, but you can make much more with experience!

Project engineer

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Project engineers are the ones who oversee all other engineers. Their responsibilities could include steering projects in the right direction, handling and getting materials or managing bids. This type of engineer is widely in-demand across the country because all engineering disciplines require project engineers.

$70,244 is the average salary for project engineers, according to Neuvoo. However, those with experience can make well over $100, 000.

Electric engineer

Next up is electrical engineers. This type of engineer has been in-demand consistently because of its wide range of job possibilities. Electrical engineering is also quite broad and consists of instrumentation, power, and electronic engineering all within its title of electric.

For those entering this field of engineering, you can expect to make about $68,368 a year according to Payscale. Of course as with most jobs, the better you get at it and the more experience you have, the more you’ll earn.

Software engineer

Finally, we have software engineers. This particular type of engineer deals with all things concerning software, such as programming maintenance and design of different software. A software engineer is a great job for you if you’re someone who loves everything to do with computer programming!

Plus, in the role of a software engineer, you could make a 6 figure salary. That really makes it one of the best of the engineering sector On average though they make $65 000 a year.

Year after year, engineering is a sector that has consistently been in-demand. So, if you choose to enter this area, you shouldn’t worry too much about getting a job. Rather, worry about your engineering classes as they are known for being challenging here in Canada. But, if you successfully make it through those you should be well on your way to a high earning and rewarding job!

That being said, if the engineering sector isn’t ideal for you, there are still a number of technology jobs in-demand.

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