6 Proven Interview Tips on Body Language

There are multiple aspects that play an important role in every work interview. For instance, clear communication, body language, etc. all play a part in the hiring decision. Although prior preparation is crucial to nailing the interview, underrated aspects such as body language are also of utmost importance. Even if you are still on a job hunt through websites such indeed or glassdoor you need to know the following body language tips to better prepare for upcoming interviews. So without further ado let’s dive into the 5 tips on how you can better your body language during interviews.

1. Sit Properly

Your body posture corresponds to your manager’s first impression of you. Thus you want to have the right body posture when you are seated. To do so you need to sit up straight with your shoulders back. This posture shows off your confidence compared to sitting hunched down which displays shyness and intimidation.

2. Maintain Eye Contact but Avoid Staring

Eye contact is perhaps the most tricky yet simple body language technique. When maintaining eye contact with the interviewer, you demonstrate to them that you are paying attention to what they have to say. Yet at the same time, you want to avoid maintaining eye contact for too long as that may come off as a creepy stare! Thus try to strike the perfect balance, which generally speaking tend to be about 4-5 seconds of eye contact at a time.

3. Take The Right Amount of Space

Our body tends to show whether we are feeling confident or nervous. For instance, men tend to take up as much space as possible to claim their territory, which is viewed as an overly aggressive show of confidence. Similarly, when a person feels nervous and anxious they tend to take as little space as possible. Thus, a nervous person would cross their legs, bring their shoulders inwards and neck down. This displays insecurity and a lack of confidence to the ones around the individual. Hence why it’s so crucial to try and take the right amount of space when in an interview. Start by relaxing your tense spots which typically include clenched fists and arms. Essentially you need to be aware of whether your legs and arms are crossed or too wide open.

4. Mirroring Technique

Humans tend to subconsciously trust someone more if the person mirrors their movements and mannerisms. For instance, we tend to smile or cross our arms when we notice the others doing so. The best part of mirroring is that the speaker is not aware whether you are mirroring them involuntary or on purpose. Thus, it is recommended to try and mimic the small mannerisms of the interviewer here and there to establish trust from them.

5. Suppress Nervous Habits

Almost everyone has that one bad habit when they are nervous. Whether it’s fidgeting, tapping your feet, playing with a pen, nail-biting, etc. you need to try and suppress it during the interview. Such habits display lacking self-confidence which is not something your potential boss wants.

6. Nod When Listening

One of the best and most natural ways of displaying attentiveness is nodding your head while listening to the speaker. In addition, nodding goes hand in hand with maintaining eye contact. For instance, after having 4 seconds of eye contact while the interviewer is talking you can nod your head and break the eye contact. This will allow the interviewer to observe that you value what they are talking about.

Your body language can tell a story about who you are as a person in an interview. Thus by being conscious of your body language and taking control of it, you ensure a good first impression on the interviewer. The 6 methods above will help you increase your getting that potential future job effortlessly.

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