Applying for Scholarships as an International Student

Moving abroad to study can be really expensive, so make sure you get all the free money you can with scholarships. Scholarships could really help you stay within your budget, or further your studies even more!

Generally, scholarships for international students in Canada can be divided into 2 categories: university-specific scholarships, and scholarships from the Canadian government. There are of course other ways of getting scholarships, but these 2 are the most common.

University Specific Scholarships

University of British Columbia

Many universities will also offer entrance scholarships to international students. Applying for scholarships through universities is generally a bit more complicated and requires applications. Often, they are based on academic standing and merit, as well as the duration of your stay.

Below is a list of a few university specific scholarships available to international students:

And these are just 5 of many options. Most schools offer entrance scholarships as well as scholarships throughout the semesters. So, make sure you research or contact your university advisor for more info.

Government Funding and Scholarships

Another great resource to check for scholarships is government websites, such as EduCanada. This sites is a database for funding and scholarships and is linked to the application guidelines. Generally, these scholarships are open to people from a certain country and require you to be a professional or student.

Here are some scholarships and funding options!

  • Canada-ASEAN and Educational Exchanges for Development (SEED) – This program is available to students from ASEAN countries. The program allows Canadian institutions to send in applications for students. This means you will submit an application to your university, and they will choose the best applications to forward to this program. The program provides short-term exchange opportunities for study or research in Canadian post-secondary institutions. All levels of study are okay.
  • Canada-CARICOM Leadership Scholarships Program – A scholarship that is available to students from the Caribbean Community. It provides short-term exchange opportunities for study or research in Canada. Canadian schools will require students to submit applications to them, and then will pick the best and forward them to the committee.
  • Canada-Chile Leadership Exchange Scholarship – This scholarship provides Chilean students with short-term exchange opportunities for study or research, in Canada. Canadian schools will pick the best applicants and forward their applications to the government committee.
  • Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program – This program gives students from Latin America and the Caribbean short-term exchange opportunities for study or research, in Canada. Again, applications are sent by Canadian schools, not by the individual.

Other Government Scholarships

If none of the above suit you, there’s still more available. Be sure to browse the databases below, as there’s tons of funding coming from the government.

As an international student, the high tuition and living costs may seem scary. Applying for scholarships is one of the best options for reducing costs! Scholarships and funding can be found everywhere; companies, universities, and governments offer them. Be sure to do some research and find some, because why wouldn’t you want free money?

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