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History Majors – More Than Just Bookworm Careers

History Majors – More Than Just Bookworm Careers

Interested in learning about ancient civilizations, wars, and historical figures? Then you’re likely thinking about a history major! History majors will study a variety of subjects and develop some unique and transferable skills during the process. Also, due to this, they’ll have some amazing career options. So, check them out below!

What will you study?

History majors will study things from a few different subject areas. So, these could include economics, sociology, English, history and possibly a foreign language or religious studies course. But, for the most part it’s likely that their major will consist heavily of history courses, both upper and lower-level ones.

What skills will you develop?

History majors will develop both transferable and specific skills during their degree. So, it’s these skills that will make them highly marketable to a variety of sectors out there. Here are a few of the skills you’ll develop during your undergraduate degree!

  • Understanding a broad range of historical knowledge
  • Analytical skills
  • Thinking critically
  • Writing skills
  • Data management
  • Self-directed learning
  • Writing/reading in multiple languages

What careers are available to you?

As a history major, there are a few career paths out there that you could pursue. Also, in terms of places of work, you could end up working for a museum, postsecondary school, art gallery or even a library! So, anywhere where there’s history present, you’ll have a possible job opening!

  • Archivist
  • Curator
  • Lawyer
  • Museum Curator
  • Writer or editor
  • Journalist
  • Producer of multimedia material
  • Records manager
  • Litigation support staff

What are some related careers?

As a history major, you have a diverse set of skills that could be valuable in a variety of fields. So, history majors could also find some related careers in other fields such as politics, business or criminology. Plus, if the sector is interested in the past or past human behaviour, history majors have a shot at it.

Below are some of the careers related to your degree:

  • Filmmaker
  • Civil Service administrator
  • Human resources officer
  • Marketing executive
  • Policy officer
  • Solicitor
  • Legal Assistant or Paralegal

History majors shouldn’t fear! Although this major gets a bad rep career-wise, there are many sectors out there looking for someone with a knowledge of history. Also, if you’re looking for proof of this, why not do a quick job search on Monster or LinkedIn?

Later on though, if you realize you aren’t the biggest history fan, consider some other careers in the education sector.

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