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Preparing for the LSAT? Here’s Some Tips on How!

Preparing for the LSAT? Here’s Some Tips on How!

If you’re looking into becoming a lawyer, you’ll need to take the LSAT exam. This exam is your ticket into law school and must be completed if you want to get into law school. This exam is known for being a challenge, so be sure you are preparing for the LSAT, and that you start well in advance!

Book your test date

First things first, you need to book your test date. You can do this through the online application portal quite easily. Picking your date will solidify in your mind that you need to have studied lots before that particular test date. You will become more entrenched in the reality that you’re going to take the test and that the test date is going to approach fast. Additionally, having the test date set allows you to start planning your study sessions prior to the exam.

Schedule study sessions

In order to effectively study for the LSAT, you’ll need to create a study plan prior to your exam date. Ideally, you should begin studying for the LSAT well in advance, about 3 months. Each week you should aim to study for about 15 hours. This could be divided into 2-3 hours per day 5-6 days a week. Although this may seem like a lot, it is necessary to do well.

If you need tips on studying effectively, you can find them here!

Use available resources

LSAT’s have been around for a long time, and as a result, there’s tons of practice material available online. From practice tests to LSAT study books, the internet has it all. Using these resources are your best way to learn about what the LSAT is actually like, especially the practice tests. These practice tests are almost identical in format and question types to the actual test. Also, you should be able to find free material online, but some of it may need to be purchased. So, try to find a mix of free and expensive materials to study from.

Organize for the day of

Be sure to plan your test day ahead of time. First things first, know how you’ll be getting to the test center. Having a good commute plan will ensure you aren’t late for the test. Also, plan to have snacks and water with you, as it’s a good idea to go into the test feeling comfortably full and not thirsty. Next, be sure to plan for a good keep the night before! Doing a test while you’re exhausted is a challenge. Having all of this in order for test day will contribute to your success on the day of the test!

If you follow all of our tips for preparing for the LSAT, you should be well on your way to success. Take a deep breathe, organize and start studying for the exam! Soon enough, you’ll be a lawyer here in Canada!

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