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Real Estate Careers – There’s More Than Real Estate Agent Jobs!

Real Estate Careers – There’s More Than Real Estate Agent Jobs!

Perhaps you thought careers in real estate were only limited to one job title… real estate agents. But, this isn’t the case. The real estate industry has a variety of different job roles and positions. And as a bonus, a lot of these careers are in-demand in Canada! So, if you’re someone who’s interested in real estate but doesn’t want to be a real estate agent, check out these jobs below.

Property manager

The main role of a property manager is to deal with all the operations associated with owning a property. Generally, property managers exist to assist owners with their rental properties. They might help owners by finding and interviewing new tenants for their property, raising the rent prices, or fixing appliances within the house. They also deal with a lot of the administrative work that comes with owning a rental property.

On average, people in this job in Canada earn $57,363 annually according to Neuvoo.

Foreclosure specialist

Foreclosure specialists are responsible for ensuring that the foreclosure of a house goes smoothly. They may review documents such as liens, inspection reports, appraisals, and insurance policies. Also, the foreclosure specialist will go through previous mortgage payments as well as other bank statements.

In Canada, foreclosure specialists can expect to earn $35,100 per year according to Neuvoo.

Leasing consultant

Leasing consultants are slightly similar to property managers, but they work with the tenants more than the property owners themselves. They are employed to assist owners with acquiring new tenants for their properties and to assist tenants with everything concerning their rental property. So, some of their tasks might include processing rent applications, interviewing tenants, explaining pricing and lease terms and negotiating new leases. Additionally, they also assist the tenants by processing maintenance requests and customer service inquiries.

Leasing consultants can earn $33 150 yearly according to Neuvoo.

Real estate appraisers

Next up is real estate appraisers. Their main task is to determine the monetary value of a property. To do this, appraisers must prepare reports on a property’s value, take photos of the property and inspect them, and work on legal descriptions.

In Canada, real estate appraisers earn $70,000 annually according to Neuvoo.

Real estate investor

The main goal as a real estate investor is to earn profit through selling, buying and maintaining properties. So, their day to day duties consist of researching various properties, analyzing demographics, and identifying profitable and unprofitable properties. They may also negotiate real estate transactions.

As a real estate investor working in Canada, your salary might fluctuate quite a bit depending on the market. But, on average you can expect to earn $73,500 annually according to Neuvoo.

There are many more jobs in the real estate sector that people don’t even know about! It’s not all just agent positions out there, as it turns out. So, take a look at some of the other careers related to property because you might find something you like!

But, if you don’t there’s still lots of other jobs in the business sector that are in-demand.

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