6 Tasty & Authentic Canadian Souvenirs Anyone Would Love

So you are travelling to the Great White North, but don’t have a clue what souvenirs best represent Canadian life? Check out these truly authentic edible Canadian souvenirs that will make the perfect gifts for any of your loved ones. Each of these souvenirs brings out a unique flavour of Canada that can’t be found anywhere else.

1. Maple Syrup Products

Canada is famous for its maple syrup and maple syrup products; hence why gourmet maple syrup is frequently found in every souvenir store of Canada. But if you think maple syrup is too boring of a souvenir, you want to mix it up a bit by purchasing maple syrup products. For instance, the Maple cream cookies are perfect for an afternoon tea and they tend to come in the shape of a maple leaf! Moreover, maple tea and maple chocolate bars are also great products for souvenirs. But if you really want to impress someone you can get them a maple syrup gift bag containing all sorts of different maple products!

2. Icewine

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Icewine is one of the beloved alcoholic drinks of Canada made from frozen grapes. This sweet Canadian drink is the perfect souvenir for any adult who appreciates a good drink. A lot of effort goes into the production of ice wine, to the point that it is one of the most labour-intensive wines to make. Although you can find Icewine in other countries, Canada is the largest producer of Icewine and the standards for its production here is unlike any other country.  Moreover, there are a variety of products with ice wine as their main ingredient including maple icewine mixes, candies, and more.

3. Tim Hortons Coffee

Tim Hortons is embedded in Canadian day to day life, one can argue it’s a necessary part of Canadians’ diet. In fact, I personally can’t go on about my day without a hot cup of Tim Horton’s coffee. Hence why if you know someone that’s a fan of coffee, you can get them one of many different types of coffee bags available at any nearby Tim Hortons. Coffee types include dark roast, original, decaf, Colombian, French Roast, etc. This is especially a good souvenir idea if you are looking for something affordable that resembles Canada nevertheless.

4. Organic Chips

Who wouldn’t like some of the tastiest bags of chips in Canada as a souvenir? Que Pasa is a well-known chip and salsa producing company established in Vancouver, Canada in 1983. Ever since then their organic flavorful chips have become the signature Mexican chips of Canada. The chips come in a large variety of flavours including classics such as Nacho Tortilla Chips, Jalapeno & Lime Tortilla Chips, and Salted Tortilla Chips. So, for those friends or family that are always hungry for a good snack, these chips are a must-buy gift. And you can pair them with Que Pasa’s salsas to take the snack experience to the next level. In addition, Hardbite is another Canadian company that produces some of the most incredible all-natural chips with lots of varying flavours. All their products are free of GMOs, trans fat, gluten, cholesterol and anything artificial making them a thoughtful tasty snack.

5. Chocolate Bars

Candian Chocolate Bars are the perfect tasty snack to go along with your Tim Horton’s coffee. Most of these candy bars are unavailable even in our neighbour country, the USA. And trust us when we say, they are truly missing out!

Twix Bars

Crispy, chocolaty and caramelly. The Twix Bars are tasty chocolate bars consisting of two cookie bars coated milk chocolate with a layer of caramel inside. Twix was the very first candy bar to combine Milk Chocolate, caramel and cookies. Which is arguably a combination from the heavens.

Bounty Chocolate Bars

Bounty Coconut Bar by Mars Canada is a coconut treat infamous among Canadians. The candy bar’s coconut filling covered by delicious milk (or dark, depending on preference) chocolate makes it a simple yet tasty snack. Moreover, each bar comes in two halves, in case you decide to share.

Coffee Crisp

Dating back to the 1930s, the Coffee Crips bars were and still are a well-known Canadian classic. The bars consist of a crispy thick wafer with coffee flavoured cream all wrapped in milk chocolate.

Crispy Crunch

Yet another delicious chocolate bar with its own unique twist made in Canada. The Crispy Crunch is a chocolate-covered bar with a crispy peanut flake center. You can tell this is a good candy bar when its original concept by Harold Oswin won a Candy bar contest in the 1930s!

6. Smoked Salmon

The delicate and sophisticated taste of Smoked Salmon is what makes it stand amongst top Canadian souvenirs. Canada produces some of the best smoked salmon products ever known on earth hence why it’s a well-known souvenir among travellers. Almost all smoked salmon packages are made using pure and simple ingredients and are safe for travel abroad. Moreover, some come in beautiful handmade cedar packages with artwork on them.

Finding the right souvenirs is tougher than it seems. A traveller’s gift has to capture the essence of his travel destinations and has to be well-thought-out. Thankfully, Canada has lots of edible souvenir choices that can impress anyone with its flavours. So if you are set on getting an edible souvenir, consider the above choices to ensure their satisfaction.

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