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Canada’s Great Kitchen Party is back with lots of incredible food, live performances, trips as well as other fun activities. With over 13 years of history, this event is an awesome way to celebrate Canadian culture, food, music, and sport! Moreover, Great Kitchen Party will be held in a variety of different major cities of Canada including Halifax, Moncton, Winnipeg and 10 more locations! Discover what this year’s party has to offer to its many visitors.

Cities and Dates(October-Feb 2020) :  Check here


The event kicks off with the extraordinary food and culinary competitions. Over 100 top chefs of the city will be competing for the title of Canadian Culinary Champion. And over 4800 guests will be attending to enjoy this unique experience. As the name suggests the culinary competition is the main part of the Great Kitchen Party.  In fact, thanks to this event over $15 million have been raised for the Canadian athletes and as of 2018, the impact has been expanded to include music and food programs for youth.


The event hosts a number of infamous musical talents in Canada. Jim Cuddy, the lead singer of Blue Rodeo is the national entertainment advisor who invites the Canadian talent to perform for the event. Each location has its own different musical performances and talents thus making it a unique experience across cities. So sit down and enjoy your dessert while watching the amazing talents of Canada sing and dance live. Whether it’s Barney Bentall and Tom Cochrane or Alan Doyle, you can expect some seriously awesome celebrities at each location.


Canada’s Great Kitchen Party $15 million has been raised for Canadian athletes and as of 2018, the impact has been expanded to include music and food programs for youth. The event will host amateur, para and pro athletes sharing their stories with others in an evening of celebration. Moreover, guests will get a chance to meet the athletes and mingle with their Canadian sports heroes. You will be able to ask them questions, touch their medals and even travel with them!


Last but not least, the Great Canadian Kitchen Party offers one of a kind trip experiences. Over 80 incredible national and international trips with renowned Canadian musicians and athletes are up for this year’s event! Imagine cycling, hiking, wine tasting and feasting on fancy food alongside your favourite athletes and musicians. It almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? The 2020 trips vary greatly from each other, from the destination location to activities and attendees, hence why you will need to check on their official website for more information.

Ticket Information

There are five different ticket types available for visitors with each varying in price depending on the location of the event. But generally, the individual tickets range from $300-350 and the Corporate tables which host 10 people range from $3000-3500.

For more admission details visit: Canada’s Great Kitchen Party

The Finale

The Great Kitchen Party’s Finale is perhaps the most anticipated culinary competition event in Canada. The very best of chefs gather from all over Canada to compete for Canada’s Number 1 Culinary Champion. It is truly a ruthless challenge for the chefs yet a delight for the visitors of the event. Moreover, there are three parts to the finale competition.

Finale’s Date & Location: Jan. 31 – Feb. 1, 2020, in Ottawa

The Mystery Wine Pairing Competition

First, the Mystery Wine Pairing Competition where the chefs are given a mystery wine and have to create a dish that best compliments the drink. What makes this even more challenging is the budget and time limit of the event. As for the guests, they will taste the mystery wine and play ‘judge’ as they vote on the ‘People’s Choice Award’ for the best food and wine pairing. In addition, local breweries will be showcasing their products along with a fantastic silent auction. And of course, additional food and drinks will be ready for the guests as well.

The Black Box Competition

In this challenge, the chefs will get a black box containing an array of food. Their goal is to create an extraordinary dish for the national judges within a mere hour! The best part is you (the guests) will be able to watch this close up from the kitchen. There will be a mini-market and food items available for the guests as well. But keep in mind, this event is only open to those who purchase the Gold Partner, Hat Trick VIP Athlete Package or 3-Event package.

The Grand Finale Competition

The final and most important challenge, Grand Finale Competition, will have chefs make their very best dish for the guests to sample. Upon the evenings’ end, the winner will be crowned the and a victory celebration will be staged. Following up the finale’s results will have live performances as well as athletes talking with the guests.

The Great Canadian Kitchen Party can only be described as a truly unique Canadian experience. From the intense yet highly beloved culinary competitions to international trips with renowned athletes and musicians. Thus if you have the time and the money this is a must-go national event in Canada.

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