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Flying High with an Aviation Career – More Than Just Piloting!

Flying High with an Aviation Career – More Than Just Piloting!

Aviation careers are increasingly in-demand in Canada, and they encompass much more than just piloting. Canada is an employer of a variety of aviation jobs, including pilots, flight attendants, tower controllers and much more. So, for those interested in travel and flight, the aviation major and career path might be the best move for you!

What you will study?

When it comes to studying aviation, the situation is a little different than most programs. Many schools in Canada, such as University of the Fraser Valley, Okanagan College, Seneca College, and Algonquin College require you to have completed a private pilot’s license beforehand if you’re looking into jobs concerning flight specifically. This situation could be different if you’re thinking about working as a flight attendant or in airport security instead.

For those heading into aviation careers, you will study a variety of different subjects during your postsecondary period. These will include safety, teamwork, leadership skills and any knowledge related to being a pilot.

What skills will you develop?

The skills you will develop during your education in aviation will vary depending on the career you’re working towards. But, most of these aviation careers do have some common skills! These include all the skills listed below:

  • Communication skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Time management
  • Global awareness
  • Multitasking
  • Interpersonal and sensitivity skills

For those entering engineering or technician specific careers, more skills related to math, physics, and trades may be necessary as well.

Career options

Those entering aviation have more options than just piloting. There are numerous career options in the aviation sector related to engineering, health, and safety, air traffic control. So, be sure to explore your options if the pilot career doesn’t seem like its perfect for you.

  • Airplane pilot
  • Aviation maintenance technician
  • Quality control personnel
  • Air traffic controller
  • Airport operations manager
  • Aircraft manufacturing engineer
  • Aircraft electrical installer
  • Flight attendants

If the above careers aren’t ideal for you, then there are a variety of similar careers you could choose from. These are careers mostly concerning airport operations.

Related careers

In aviation, there are also a variety of careers occurring at the airport itself. A few of those are below and are great if you’re less interested in flying itself.

  • Security personnel
  • Customs agent
  • Customer service
  • Screening officer
  • Ground service agent

These are all great options if you’re looking for the airport environment but are less keen on actual flying.

When it comes to aviation careers, there is more than just piloting available! You have a variety of options, from customer service, border security, to more complex careers such as aerospace engineering. Take your search further by checking out some job postings on Indeed.

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