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I’m waiting for my post-graduation work permit. Can I travel outside Canada and come back with my student visa?

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It depends. Your permit (study or work) is not a visa and doesn’t allow you to travel back to Canada.

When you return to Canada:

  • You may enter as a student if your study permit is still valid.
  • If we approved your post-graduation work permit while you were away, you may enter as a worker.
  • If we are still processing your post-graduation work permit, you may enter as a visitor, and you can work without a work permit until we make a decision on your application.
  • You can also re-apply for a new work permit, and pay the fees, at the port of entry if you meet all other applicable entry requirements. Once you are in Canada, you can use this web form to withdraw your previous application.

A border officer will have some questions for you when you arrive back in Canada. The officer may ask you for proof that you applied for a post-graduation work permit (a copy of your application, the fee payment receipt, etc.)

If the officer believes there is a reason to refuse your re-entry, you will not be able to enter Canada.

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