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My 3 Thrilling Adventures in British Columbia


There are many awesome adventures awaiting you in British Columbia. Looking for new things to do or just want to spice up your life a little? Check out these 3 thrilling activities I tried out!


credit: Cates Park Paddling Centre

Hands down one of the most fun activities to take part in with friends! Moreover, paddleboarding is the perfect water activity for those who you are afraid of surfing, but find kayaking too boring. When I first tried out paddle boarding at cates park paddling centre I had so much fun that I didn’t want to return back to the beach. The smell of fresh air in the morning, lively views of the lake and nature, the thrill of sneaking up on your friends and pushing them off their board all made the whole experience super enjoyable. But what I found most desirable about paddleboarding was the fact that you could just jump into water and swim whenever you felt like it! Also having to balance yourself on a board when there are big waves coming at you is surprisingly exciting!

Hike and Swim at once









British Columbia is known for its incredible hiking adventures but hiking alone can get bland over time. So what if I told you can swim and hike at one gorgeous place? This way you are combining two awesome nature adventures and making the best of both worlds.

Mystery Lake/credit: Vancouver trails

About two years ago I went hiking on Mount Seymour and that’s when I first tried out this combination. Swimming in the cold water of Mystery lake combined with the long hike of mount Seymour complimented each other so well, especially during the summertime.

Try Out Skydiving

credit: Skydive Vancouver

Skydiving is one of the most terrifying yet awesome British Colombia adventures I have ever partake in. Have you ever felt like trying something so dangerously awesome that could possibly make you have a heart attack? If yes then skydiving is meant for you. Granted Skydiving is going to cost you about $300 minimum yet the experience is worth it. During my skydiving experience, I got introduced to the professional that was going to attach to me and was given safety instructions. Although I was super nervous, the awesome staff of Skydive Vancouver made sure my friend and I felt safe and sound. Once everything was ready to go, everyone jumped out of the place one by one. The incredible views and the adrenaline rush of accelerating towards the ground were unforgettable.

British Columbia’s stunning nature spots allows for incredible outdoor activities such as Skydiving, hiking and swimming, Paddleboarding and etc. Hence why if you are a thrill-seeker and want to discover new activities, you should try out one of these activities. Cause speaking from personal experience, if you can and want to try any of the above adventures then you definitely should.

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