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Fresh out of the oven, mouths start to water as the aroma of Margherita sauce covers the entire place. You know it, it’s everyone’s favourite dish, pizza! From the classic Italian pizza to the Chicago style pizza, we all love a fresh slice of this tasty pie. So if you are a pizza lover like me, you should visit Toronto as they have some of the best pizza places in Canada. Here are some of the examples of the best of the best Toronto’s pizzeria have to offer.

1. Pizzeria Via Mercanti

Known as the number one “Authentic Napoletana Pizza Spot of Toronto”, the Pizzeria Via Mercanti raise the bar for pizza lovers. This family operated pizzeria uses the freshest and high-quality ingredients in their one of a kind pizzas. In fact, their pizza is so good that the place has won multiple awards over the years of its establishment! The success of Via Mercanti led it to establish many new locations including 5 new ones.


More info: Pizzeria Via Mercanti

2. General Assembly Pizza

While respecting the traditional fine art of pizza, the General Assembly Pizza mixes these traditions up with a touch of Creativity. From their freshly baked and made the dough to their music playlists, everything brings you a sense of adventure in the best way possible. And of course, using only the best ingredients, we’re serving up a menu that surprises.

Location: 331 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1R5

More info: General Assembly

3. Terroni

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Saturday calls for 🍕🍕🍕

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Experience authentic Italian cuisine at one of Toronto’s best Italian restaurants known as Terroni. This exquisite restaurant emphasizes the traditions of Italian cooking using simple yet high-quality ingredients. In fact, the owner of the restaurant emphasizes that none of their dishes messes with the traditional recipes. Hence why their pizzas truly capture the essence of Italian pizzas made with the freshest and best ingredients in Toronto.


More info: Terroni

4. Descendant Pizza

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🍕Diving into Deep Dish 🍕 . . . Another food trend here in Toronto, is the recent popularity of Chicago/Detroit style deep dish pizza. There has been one main pizzeria that has lead the way, and quite a few other restaurants that have now hopped on board for the ride. . . Maybe it’s the long winters here that call for a pizza that’s even more hearty, rich and filling than the average slice, but deep dish has definitely made a name for itself in this city and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. . . . STAY TUNED FOR MORE: I’ve partnered with @hostmilano as one of their Canadian Ambassadors 🇨🇦 for their international hospitality event in Milan, Italy 🇮🇹 from October 18th – 22nd. Leading up to event, I’ll be sharing some of the top food trends here in Canada!

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Too tired of the circle-shaped pizza? Try out the Detroit style pizza of Descendant! These square goodies are made with thick chewy crusts, lots of toppings and of course A LOT of cheese. The golden-brown crust plus the thickness of the Descendant pizza makes it one of the most infamous food spots for any pizza lover in Toronto.

Location: 1168 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1L4

More info: Descendant

5. Pizzeria Libretto

If you like tasty pizza with good quality ingredients and supporting the local community, then head on to Pizzeria Libretto for an incredible dining experience. Plus, the restaurant participates in a number of charitable events each year to further support the local neighbourhood so your money is not just going towards your tummy! What’s more, if you can’t dine at the location, Libretto offers delivery service as well.


More info: Pizzeria Libretto 

6. Pizzeria Defina

Inspired by the rustic tradition, Defina is a bustling wood-fired pizzeria that offers Napoletana-style pizzas with a thin crispy crust. The head chef uses a handed-down recipe from a veteran Pizzaiolo in Italy and has won multiple awards throughout his pizzeria journey. And if you are a fan of discounts, this pizzeria holds a variety of events that offer discounted food and drinks.


More info: Defina

7. Maker Pizza

Maker Pizza is one of the most popular takeout and delivery pizza joints in all of Toronto. This is all thanks to its reputation as executive chefs and spokesperson Matty Matheson. Moreover, the interior design of Maker Pizza takes on a bold minimalist approach that captures its visitors. But what makes their pizza special is their three-day ageing process of the dough causing it to have a delightful texture. So if you are looking for a wonderful twist on the regular pizza, Maker Pizza and its hybrid (New York and Italian styles combined) pizzas are the way to go.


More info: Maker

8. Conspiracy Pizza

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Throwback to yet another instameet pizza party, this time at Lots of fun topping combinations here, especially with the option of adding on BBQ meat from @adamsonbarbecue. Of course, we gotta do it up to form a pie with different slices. We had: Cowspiracy, Great Pumpkin, Roswell, Tour de France, Halifax Explosion (with add-on brisket), Bay of Pigs, and Grassy Knoll. • • • • • • • #cheesy#meltedcheese#pizzapie#pizzagram#instapizza#ilovepizza#pizzaparty#pizzalover#pizzalife#pizzalove#dailypizza#dishedto#torontoeats#torontofoodie#foodilysm#f52#thisiswhyimfat#tastethesix#416eats#igerstoronto#toeats#nomnomnom#letseat#instayum#to_finest#foodpornTO#torontoculture#craveTO#torontodateideas#opticalmealfinder

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Combining the art of slow cooking meat with the traditions of pizza, the conspiracy pizza delivers a wide range of wild yet tasty pizzas. Although their wheels are innovative, their goal is not to reinvent pizza but rather improve it. Another plus to this pizzeria is their giant interior space that sparks up the nineties feel in its customers.

Location: 176 Wicksteed Ave, East York, ON M4G 2B6

More info: Conspiracy

One of Italy’s most famous dishes of all time, pizza, has its own place in everyone’s heart. But finding the right place to get a few slices of well-made pizzas is not easiest. There are just too many choices to choose from especially if you are a Toronto resident. Hence why with this list you can now know where to go when you crave this good old pie whether its Napoletana-style or a hybrid type of pizza.

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