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The Fashion Industry – Bring your Style to the World!

The Fashion Industry – Bring your Style to the World!

Are you creative? Do you love fashion and shopping? If yes, then the fashion industry may be a great place for you to work. This creative industry is full of a variety of career options, from digital design to modeling luxury clothing items. Some of the more popular careers in this industry are below, check it out!

Art director

Those working as art directors in the fashion industry will be tasked with the visual styling of new products. This means preparing the setting for advertising videos, or choosing what images best represent the product. Art directors in this industry may work for a magazine, advertising agency, or a retailer. In this role, be sure you’re familiar with digital design since online marketing is key in today’s world.

As an art director in fashion, you can expect an annual salary of $76,226 according to Neuvoo.

Buyer/purchaser agent

The main job of buyer/purchaser agents in the fashion industry is to select clothing from wholesale to sell in smaller retail shops. Those in this position need to have a good sense of what customer demand looks like, in order to choose clothes that will sell and turn a profit for the retailer. Buyer/purchaser agents can expect to work for retail and department stores. In this position, be ready to travel quite a bit, You will need to visit the wholesale and manufacturing locations in order to select clothing for your retailer.

Buyer/purchaser agents working in Canada can expect to earn $48,198 according to Indeed.


One of the first careers that comes to mind when we think of fashion is designers. Designers create clothing, accessories, and shoes for manufacturers, retailers, theatre companies and film. They usually possess some knowledge of computer programs that aid in the design process, such as Autodesk.

Fashion designers who are in Canada can expect to earn $48,125 on average annually according to Neuvoo.

Textile designers

Those working in textile design will be creating 2D patterns that appear in clothing items. They will need knowledge of the materials involved, as well as creative skills in order to create the nicest clothing items. If you’re choosing to design textiles for clothing, you will usually be employed by a clothing manufacturer. Something to note, understanding textiles does involve some knowledge of chemistry, so be ready for that!

Textile designers working in Canada will earn $53,708 annually according to Payscale.


Love the spotlight? A career in modeling just might be perfect for you then. As a model, you’ll often pose in ads to advertise different clothing by companies or designers. Models often also appear on runways during fashion weeks, such as the Vancouver Fashion Week. Models are usually employed by agencies, or by the company/designer itself. One thing to note, in modeling the work is often unpredictable and your schedule could vary a lot.

Models in Canada earn an average annual income of $63,375 according to Neuvoo.

As you can see, this industry has diverse roles that will fill your creative needs. Your job doesn’t need to be boring, and in the fashion industry, it won’t be! Take your time and pick one of the career options in this industry that will suit your personality perfectly.
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