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Advertising Majors, You’re in Luck! Careers are Everywhere

Advertising Majors, You’re in Luck! Careers are Everywhere

At the intersection of human psychology, business, artistic talent and creativity is advertising! Creating compelling advertisements for companies is no easy task; you must understand what drives materialistic desire and what visuals attract our attention in order to get people to purchase something. And most of all, you must avoid making the advertisements boring, because otherwise they’ll be skipped by viewers, making you no profits. You can find the advertising program in many schools such as Centennical CollegeAlgonquin CollegeHumber College, and Seneca College

What you will study?

Those hoping to work in advertising need to be able to understand what drives humans to purchase new products or services and create visual material to reinforce those wants. To do this, advertising majors need to have a good understanding of human psychology, business, and creative arts such as graphic design. It is this blend of courses will ensure you have what it takes to create great ads that increase your sales dramatically.

What skills will you develop?

As an advertising major, many of your skills will be centered around determining what the public’s interests are, and creating marketing strategies to appease those interests. So its really all about figuring out how to evoke desire in people to purchase a product or service. So below are some of the skills that can help you complete this central task in advertising!

  • Brand building
  • Data mining and analytics
  • Graphic design software knowledge
  • Questionnaire design
  • Blogging
  • Interpreting the ethical implications of media

Career options

1. Graphic designer 

Graphic designers are all about creating the advertising visuals themselves. It’s from a strong understanding of what visuals draw the human eye in, they can create graphics about products or services that bring in buyers! Also, this career may require some extra training in design software, but if you’re artistic and creative it could be perfect for you.

  • Salary: $49, 096 annually according to Payscale.

2. Advertising managers 

It is unlikely that you’ll obtain a management position right after graduation. However, with significant experience as a sales associate, purchasing agent or as a buyer, you could be on your way to an advertising management position. If you’re looking to fast track your career, try seeking out an internship or part-time job related to your major while you’re in school.

These managers create compelling promotional advertisements thanks to their relations both with customers, and external marketing staff. The marketing staff could include art directors, brand ambassadors, designers amongst others. So, by working with everyone, they can create ads that appeal to many groups of people and lead to profits as the product or service being advertised becomes popular.

  • Salary: $62,095 annually according to Payscale.

3. Campaign manager 

Campaign managers work hard to get to their positions. Thus, it is unlikely this will be your first career as a graduate of an advertising program. What will help you get to a management position will be a significant experience in political advertising. This could involve either work as a journalist or as a team member for a political campaign strategy group. If you can, an internship or co-op program during your major could help you gain this experience before you graduate.

Campaign managers are most common in the political arena, where they run the marketing strategy of a political candidate. So, this may include fundraising for the campaign, creating advertisement videos, polling for the candidate and encouraging the public to vote. As a campaign manager, your main task is to ensure your candidate is noticed and maintains a great reputation in the public eye so that they’re more likely to get votes.

  • Salary: $46,776 annually according to Payscale.

All in all, advertising effectively is no easy feat. Creating advertisements worthy of being watched is tough, but with the right combination of skills, you can do it! Finally, advertising majors have transferable skills that could be effective elsewhere, such as fashion or business.
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