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[BC] Discover 96+ Screenings at The Whistler Film Festival

The Whistler Film Festival (WFF) is hands down one of the most beloved film festivals in Canada, giving CaribbeanTales International Film Festival a run for its money. Ignite your passion for movies and short films once again at Whistler this upcoming December with over 90 films. This year the WFF will be featuring actors Simon Pegg, Joseph Pantoliano and Chelsea Peretti (SPINSTER) in three Signature Series events, featuring intimate on-stage interviews and awards, complemented by a feature presentation of their most recent film premiering at the fest. Ticket packs available for the events plus films.

Dates: Wednesday, December 4th – Monday, December 9th, 2019

Artist Spotlights

The main and most exciting part of WFF is the Artist Spotlights where renowned artists will be attending in-person to answer your questions on-stage. Moreover, this year’s honorary artists are Joseph Pantoliano, Simon Pegg alongside Katharine O’Brien, and Chelsea Peretti.

Joseph Pantoliano

See the Emmy Award-winning actor on screen and in person! His film From the Vine directed by WFF Alumni Sean Cisterna will be featured followed up by an on-stage interview. So if you want to get a chance to ask Joseph Pantoliano a question, this is your best bet.

Date: December 5th (1 pm – past 3 pm)
Admission: $37

Simon Pegg

Enjoy the best work of the British actor, writer and producer Simon Pegg. Experience his one of a kind performance in Lost Transmissions and partake in an intimate on-stage interview with Simon Pegg himself. In addition, Katharine O’Brien will accompany Simon to answer all your questions of the movie, Lost Transmissions.

Date: December 5th (7 pm)|
Admission: $45

Chelsea Peretti

Chelsea Peretti, known for her iconic character Gina Linetti from “Brooklyn 99”, will be coming to this year’s Artist Spotlight. Discover all you need to know about this incredible stand-up comedian, actress and writer. So get your questions ready as Chelsea is will be coming to answer them all on-stage.

Date: December 6th (5 pm)
Admission: $37

Featured Films To Try

Whistler will play host to movies from around the world. So in addition to your ski trip and hot chocolate, try to catch the exclusive screenings of the following:

The Lost Transmissions (Dec 4th)

Written and directed by Katharine O’Brian, ”The Lost Transmissions” is a must-watch. The story revolves around Theo Ross, an acclaimed music producer, who lapses on his medication for schizophrenia. Subsequently, this inspiring story captures the inadequacies of mental health services as well as the complexities of mental health in a way that speaks volumes. From the highs of rock’n’roll to rock bottom, it’s a story of the unsung heroes behind the hits.

The Artist’s Wife (Dec 5th & 7th)

The sudden dementia diagnosis of Claire’s husband leaves her with an important decision to make. As a result, the married couple who were just preparing to celebrate the husband’s hugely anticipated art show is now faced with an overwhelming challenge. Watch the remarkable performances of Bruce Dern and Lena Olin as the unforgettable characters of “The Artist’s Wife”.

The Kindness of Strangers (Dec 5th & 6th)

“The Kindness of Strangers” by Lorne Scherfig depicts “the New York under New York”. Discover the tale of several interconnected lives set during winter in NYC. The main character, Clara, alongside her two children flees from her abusive partner to NYC, not knowing who to rely on or how to survive. Due to their living state, they have to rely on strangers’ kindness to manage the treacherous shoal of their new home.

Apapacho: A Caress for The Soul (Dec 6th & 7th)

Director Marquise Lepage combines the elegance of the Mexican culture with a heartwarming story of two sisters, Karine and Estelle. Finding themselves in a small town in Mexico, the sisters find solace in the community’s “Day of the Dead” as they mourn the death of their sister. Inspired by the beauty of the ritual and the humour of their hosts, the sisters begin to overcome their tragic loss.

Queen of The Morning Calm (Dec 7th & 8th)

The award-winning director Gloria Ui Young brings you a moving film about a young immigrant sex worker and her child. Watch the incredible journey of this mother and daughter as they discover their self-worth. In addition to portraying the healing process of the main characters, the film raises awareness of abuse and its impact on others.

After a day of skiing, why not enjoy the evening with inspiring films? Head out to the Whistler Film Festival as they have over 96 films featuring all sorts of genres and types of films such as documentaries, short films, drama, adventure, etc. In addition, the festival features lots of talent programs for those seeking to learn more about the film industry. So, to get more information, visit their official website.

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