[ON] The Infamous Winter Festival of Lights is Back!


The Ontario Power Generation Winter Festival of Lights is back in Niagara Falls. Each winter the festival manages to capture its audience with the stunning displays that light up the entire city. The event will take place along the 8 km of the Niagara Falls destination. Moreover, each day of the festival has its own events and shows planned to keep the audience dazzled.

Date: November 16th to January 12th

Opening Ceremonies

As always, the festival will kickstart with the grand Opening Ceremonies starting November 16th. The annual opening ceremony will take place at Queen Victoria Park. The ceremonies feature incredible entertainment. From stunning performances, spectacular costumes, astounding music and captivating fireworks, this show is a must-see!

Dufferin Islands

The Dufferin Islands Feature the Festival’s Canadian Wildlife Displays plus over fifty trees wrapped in delightful lights. It houses 3D displays of animals such as Moose, Deer, Polar Bears, Bison and Geese. And these are no small displays as they each range from 4-11 feet tall.  Moreover, there are also 2D displays such as Inukshuk, Bears, Kissing Swans and more across ponds. Also, make sure to visit the infamous illuminated water fountain that can spray water up to 25 feet in the air.

Hydro Power Station Display

Toronto Power Generating Station used to be the major component of Ontario’s energy production in the first half of the 20th century. The former Toronto power generating station now hosts the festival’s hydropower station display from Nov 16th to Jan 12th. The entire building will be illuminated with different colours that change in the most elegant way.

Wild Magic

A performance by the grand champion of magic Greg Frewin will be held from October 1st to March 21st. The event will be held at the Greg Frewin Theatre and will feature mind-blowing magic you have never seen before. If you love magic this is the perfect event for you as it’s family-friendly and worth it even for adults. What’s more, the festival is granting a 25% discount for Wild Magic using the code WFOL.

Other Activites

In addition to all the fireworks and light displays, there will be a ton of other fun activities available for audiences of all ages. For instance, Queen’s park will feature an Airbrush Face Painting for kids and adults. There will also be workshops ready for kids including the Home Depot Workshop. In this workshop, kids will get to craft and keep whatever they please.

Ontario hosts a large variety of festivals such as the beloved Word on The Street and the WFOL. The Ontario Power Generation Winter Festival of Lights is a celebration of lights, winter and new years all in one package. So grab yourself a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the 8km worth of stunning lights and fireworks along with friends or family. Additional details on upcoming activities and events of the festival will be available on WFOL’s website.

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