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Job Hunting Resources for Finding Canadian Job Postings!

The world is now highly digital, and most of the job market can now be found online in Canada. Canadians will primarily apply to jobs through online postings; these are on the company website, as well as through third-party job posting platforms. Below, three job posting platforms will be explored, and you’ll learn all about how to make the most of them, and go job hunting online!


Indeed is Canada’s top job search engine, and posts a huge number of jobs for viewing by everyone for free.  Using Indeed, you can create a profile and upload your resume so that you can directly apply to postings on Indeed. You may also add additional documents, such as cover letters. However, Indeed may instead ask you to apply on the company site if the application is more extensive, and requires a questionnaire for example.

Indeed works by collecting and displaying jobs from other sites, and providing links to applications as well as a thorough job description directly on the Indeed posting. Additionally, Indeed also allows employers to post jobs on the search engine platform for viewing by potential employees.


Monster is a global employment site, showcasing job postings in cities around the world. The site serves functions similar to Indeed; job postings appear by searching through job titles and locations. However, Monster goes above and beyond by not only showcasing these postings in a typed format but in video format as well. So, Monster employees prepare videos on job postings to give you all the information you need in a more engaging form that makes job hunting more exciting! Additionally, it also allows employers to create these videos themselves.

Besides job postings, the platform is quite useful for resume assessments and career advice. This web platform allows you to get your resume assessed for free, through their partnership with TopResume. So, this service assesses your resume based on the use of keywords, format and professional vocabulary, as well as an included cover letter. Be sure to make use of this professional and free service! In addition, Monster is a great resource for career advice. Their platform details information on negotiating salaries links to professional education and training sites and provides tips on acing job interviews, amongst many other resources!


For job hunting, a site that is growing in popularity in Canada is LinkedIn. This platform is different than the above websites, as LinkedIn requires that you create a platform, not just upload a resume and distribute it amongst job postings. Your LinkedIn profile will allow others to connect with you; this could be those seeking employment, those seeking employees or even just professional acquaintances. Essentially, LinkedIn functions as a professional networking site between employees, employers and those within your career field.

The set up of a LinkedIn profile allows you to provide more information than just your cover letter and resume. Here, you can consistently update your profile to showcase new professional accomplishments and information. Additionally, you can add multimedia to your profile to demonstrate your talents in forms that aren’t solely written, so through photographs or videos. The benefit of this platform is that it allows you to be creative, and employers have access to all of your updated work-related achievements!

Finally, use our LinkedIn tips to make the most out of y0ur profile. Having a standout and accessible profile will lead to more job interviews.

Digital job postings are starting to become the new normal, especially in Canada! While newspapers and other print material display postings, many of them are now on third-party platforms that advertise employment opportunities! Be sure you become familiar with these platforms, and use their resources to search for your ideal job in Canada.

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