[ON] 6 Must-Visit Day Trip Destinations of Toronto


Toronto is by itself a great travel destination but what makes it stand out is its surrounding day trip spots. From the hidden gems all the way to popular destinations, this list covers it all up. So without further ado, here are 6 top day-trip travel spots of Toronto:

1. Niagara Falls

niagara falls toronto day trip

One of Canada’s most popular travel destinations is just less than a few miles from Toronto. Many travellers visit Niagara Falls daily to see the roaring waters. But that’s not what makes Niagara Falls one of the best day trip destinations; it’s rather the immense number of events, such as the Festival of Lights, and countless things to do that makes it stand out. Additionally, you can enjoy a stroll at the incredible Niagara on the lake, a town filled with lively views and shops.

2. Rattlesnake Point


If you are a nature lover, this is perhaps one of the best day trip locations for you. In fact, you will be able to enjoy superb views of turkey vultures soaring over the escarpment from Buffalo Crag look-out point and see trees that are more than a thousand years old! With its refreshing hiking trails and rock climbing routes, this is also a great spot for hikers. Even if you are new to rock climbing, there are plenty of beginner climbing routes for you to try.

3. Cobourg Beach


Cobourg is a popular visitor spot thanks to its beloved Cobourg Beach. This beach is the perfect place if you are looking for a chill spot to get your mind off of daily life’s stress. Though keep in mind that this is a highly popular spot that’s busiest on the weekends. Moreover, you can participate in one of many beachball and sandcastle competitions that take place on the beach once in a while.

4. Scenic Caves Nature Adventures

scenic caves toronto day trip

Scenic Caves Official Site

Experience nature in a unique way at this adventure attraction. The scenic caves organization takes you on a day trip of a lifetime. You can enjoy lots of varying activities offered such as snowshoeing, suspension bridge, scavenger hunt, mini-golf and much more. Whether you visit during warm seasons or winter season, the Scenic Caves has got you covered with their seasonal adventures.

5. St. Jacobs and the Farmers’ Market

st jacobs toronto day trip

St. Jacobs County Official Site

Just a two-hour drive from Toronto and you will be at the beautiful country setting of St. Jacobs. One of the most popular attractions of St. Jacobs is the farmer’s market where locals sell their products. Here you can shop for a wide variety of organic vegetables and fruits as well as art pieces, home decor, and food.

6. Canada’s Wonderland


Canada’s Wonderland is just an hour away from downtown Toronto. This crowd-pleasing amusement park features lots of rides, games, shows, and tasty carnival food. If you are visiting on a hot day, you should try out the water rides that will freshen you up with a splash of cold water. In addition, the park holds special events for holidays such as Christmas and Halloween so be sure to keep on eye for those.

If you don’t have the time for a proper vacation but still want to have fun, day trips are your best bet. And when it comes to day trips, Toronto has some of the best destination spots whether you are looking for a chill or an adventurous day trip.

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