[SAIT] From India to Canada – My New Life!

Meet Arth Limbachiya! He’s in his first year of the Chemical Engineering Technology diploma and a member of the SAIT Student Content Team. Coming all the way from India to Canada — Arth shares what his SAIT experience has been like as an international student.

What made you choose SAIT?

I completed my bachelor degree in chemical engineering and also worked as an engineer back in India for one year. Indian education is more based on the theoretical side and SAIT is more focused in the technical side. I wanted to improve my technical skills as an engineer. I have a few friends studying at SAIT and they suggested I apply. And so far, I’m really enjoying studying at SAIT.

How has the transition from India to Canada been for you?

It’s amaaazzzingggggg! The transition from India to Canada initially it’s hard, during the first weeks I really missed my family and friends, but at SAIT I made new friends quickly. Back in India I didn’t even know how to cook, but after being here for three months I can call myself a “master chef” ?. Living in the world’s most liveable city, (Calgary) every single day is awesome. And yes, the snow makes me really excited to go out and take some stunning photographs.

How have you been able to make SAIT your new home?

I’m really enjoying every single day at SAIT. We have so many different communities and cultures from around the world — and everyone is so friendly. SAIT’s environment has converted me from a quiet introvert to an extrovert. I really enjoy making new friends from different programs at SAIT.

What have been some highlights since making the move to Canada?

1st month: I have visited Banff and Lake Louise. Cooking skills: beginner level.

2nd month: I did great in mid-terms, I got A+ in every subject. Cooking skills: not bad.

3rd month: It is getting busy as final exams are in the next 20 days. Cooking skills: Master Chef ?.

What has surprised you about living and studying here?

The change from India to Canada was significant. The education system is so different from India. In India our grades are only dependent on the final exams grade. Whereas here every single assignment has a percentage in the final grade. In the first two to three weeks, it was a bit difficult to submit assignments for each subject.

What advice would you give to someone moving to Canada to attend SAIT?

For international students, parents are worried about their child, because they’re not familiar with the culture and the people. Most international students don’t have any relatives or any other family members here to give them support. So my advice for the family of an international student is please don’t worry about anything, SAIT has everything to support their students. Here at SAIT we have the support of Saitsa (SAIT Students’ Association) and every single instructor is supportive.

Anything else you would like to share?

When I was going through one of the toughest phases of my life (I lost someone close to me last month), the way my classmates and instructor supported me at that time, I have no words to thank them.

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