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The Centre for Arts and Technology is now offering College Prep Plus Programs for international and domestic students where English is the second language that has an IELTS Band of 5.5. Certain programs have been chosen for these prep offerings, and will now feature one optional, additional semester, prior to the official program start date and will provide a blended learning experience of intensive English and program-specific classes.

Ultimately, the creation of this opportunity is perfect for international students; it allows them to adjust better, introduce them to industry-specific classes, and bring up their IELTS score if they’d like. So, here are some of the eligible programs below:

Centre for Arts and Technology Prep Programs

Animation for Game, Film & Visual Effects

This 27-month program will allow you to earn a diploma all about 3D animation. You will learn all the latest animation techniques, and apply them in experiential learning environments so that you understand what it is like to operate a studio and keep on track of projects.

2D Animation & Digital Art

Do you love drawing and cartoons? This may be the program for you! You’ll graduate ready to enter the industry with a number of tools under your belt including: character design, layout and production, digital painting, life drawing and so much more.

Interior Design

Dreaming of being an independent designer? Or, perhaps working for a big brand like Jordans? Well, come acquire the necessary skills in the interior design program, and bring your dreams to life. Here, you’ll learn some of the basic techniques and software including AutoCAD and Sketchup, as well as the theories and principles of interior design.

Digital Photography

Have a knack for capturing your best friend’s good side? Then, digital photography may be the program for you! Also, no matter what kind of photos you like to take, acquiring software skills in Adobe, Photoshop and more will set you out on the right foot to capture memories.

Graphic Design & Web Development

Every company needs a good graphic designer. The digital world has taken over, come learn how to be creative and create brands within it! Additionally, you’ll learn design fundamentals, colour theory, and software programs in Adobe Creative Suite amongst others.

Events Promotion & Management

Behind the scenes of every great event is an excellent events promoter and manager. So, if you love planning community sessions, or even friend’s parties, this program may be the one for you. At the Center for Arts and Technology, you’ll learn all the necessary skills for this industry including event analysis, accounting, business communication and much more.

Network Administrator Specialist

This 15-month program was created by working professionals and begins with a foundation in computer skills, building to a full-blown information technology program. Finally, upon completion, you’ll be able to plan, implement, and manage network systems for anyone.

Network Security Specialist

This is a 21-month diploma program, with the option to add an additional 6 months and specialize further. Here, you’ll learn all about encryption, security and successful network development for a variety of company and organization needs.

The Centre for Arts and Technology is perfect for preparing international students for full-time studies and careers. Also, with a large number of programs being offered as college preparatory programs students adjust better, are introduced to industry-specific classes, and will get the chance to improve their IELTS mark. It’s a win-win all around!

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