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Scholarship Essays – Here’s How to Create Winning Essays!

Scholarship Essays – Here’s How to Create Winning Essays!

Scholarship applications often include an essay section. Although this can seem intimidating, there are ways to write great scholarship essays without too much effort. You’ll need to make sure your writing skills are sound, and that you focus on all the aspects of the essay: the preparation, intro, body, and conclusion!


Understand the essay theme 

When reading the scholarship essay application, be sure you can pick out themes they’re looking for in your writing. This will ensure that you’re choosing a great and correct topic for your essay, making them more likely to choose you as the recipient!

Understand the scholarship committee’s criteria 

Also, before starting your essay make sure you thoroughly understand the criteria. Even the small details, such as format or word length are important. You should be doing your absolute best to meet their standards, as this will increase your chances of them choosing you!

Create an outline 

As with all essays, you should create some sort of outline. This outline should include the basics, an introduction, body, and conclusion. Perhaps, try to fill each section with a few key sentences or points that you want to highlight in your essay.

The introduction

Make it engaging 

The first step of your introduction is to make that first sentence really engaging. Scholarship committee’s read tons of scholarship essays, so it’s best to start with something that will really grab their attention so that they want to continue reading your application. So, try to start with a sentence that really piques interest, such as “December 2, 2015 was the day my life took a major turning point.” A sentence like this makes readers want to continue reading your essay.

Include a brief explanation

The next step is to include a brief explanation of what you’ll be covering in your body paragraphs. This prepares readers for what’s coming and gets them to start thinking about your essay content.

Have a thesis statement 

Finally, be sure to end with a thesis statement. This is the defining sentence that tells readers about exactly what you want to discuss with them! It highlights your central theme, which your body paragraphs will be referring back to.

The body

Elaborate on your main story 

Your body section is where you elaborate on all your main themes. For example, perhaps your essay is on leadership. Your body section could follow a structure similar to the one below:

  • Why you got involved?
  • What did you contribute?
  • What challenges did you face?
  • How did you cope with the challenges?
  • What did you learn?
  • What does this mean for your future?

No matter what the theme of your essay is, it should follow a structure that is fairly chronological and that illustrates your success as well as what you learned during the experience.

The conclusion

Restate everything briefly

In your conclusion, be sure to restate everything in a brief manner. So, this could be done by re-using your thesis statement and changing the wording slightly. You could then go on to say how this particular experience helped you to grow as a person.

Emphasize lessons learned 

Be sure to emphasize all you learned! The scholarship committee wants to see how this experience was beneficial to you, and how you’ll use this experience to further benefit others. You should also emphasize any skills you gained as a result of your experience.

Thank the committee

Finally, end your essay by thanking the committee and showing appreciation for their efforts in going through your essay and considering you.

Scholarship essays can be time-consuming and tedious, but it’s worth it if you write a great essay! Try your absolute best to write the best essay you can using the tips above, and then you’ll have a better chance at being the chosen recipient! Best of luck.

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