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[Vancouver Career College] A Degree May Not be Everything


If a company like Ernst and Young can remove the requirement of a degree when applying to them, then it will make you think. The reason was that there was no evidence to suggest that success at university means success later in life. So this again may make you think. But maybe it may be time to look at why exactly people pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Why a Bachelor’s Degree

Many jobs require a degree in order to apply to them. But if that’s the case, what makes a bachelor’s degree so special then? “Studies show advantages to obtaining a bachelor’s degree, such as acquiring a vast knowledge base, learning to think critically, and how to analyze the world around us.” But the problem may lie in that reason. Thinking critically is a good skill, but it does not equal to practical skills. To get the practical skills in a bachelor’s degree, one may have to extend another year by doing a co-op. So that would be four years of studying plus another year of working.

Being Career-Ready

Not many people have the luxury of time to pursue studies at a university. That’s where Vancouver Career College comes in. It offers career-readiness in less than a year. So you can gain fast entry into the job market. With the programs at Vancouver Career College, you have many options when it comes to getting a certificate or diploma. And they even offer accelerated, practical career training programs that will get you ready for the job market in no time. Moreover, class sizes are small so that you can be assured of quality teaching. And you even get real-world training from industry experts with the practicum placements.

Nowadays, it’s all about being practical. So that thinking should apply to your career as well. Gone are the days when getting a degree was the only way one can have a successful career. Now, practical career training is an option for you. And with a high employment rate within six months of graduating, Vancouver Career College can get you the job you’ve been wanting. With programs that focus on businesseducation, and healthcare among others, they’ve got you covered.

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