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The University of Manitoba encourages all students to participate in an intercultural experience program. These programs are ideal for international students since they revolve around culture and language. So, if you’re looking for a volunteer activity or resume addition, consider positions as an intercultural leader, mentor, and language exchange partner!

Intercultural team leaders

This particular program is well-suited to students who want to practice their public speaking, leadership, culture exchange and more. If you’re ready to step into a leadership role and get some resume experience, this program is ideal.

All students at the University of Manitoba are welcome to apply and are then eligible for co-curricular recognition through the university.

Welcoming mentors

As a welcoming mentor, you will be providing one on one and consistent support to a new student for at least one academic term. To do this, mentors complete some university training beforehand. Also, for mentors, this is just as great of an opportunity as it is for mentees since they develop their leadership and communication skills. Plus, the program has co-curricular recognition and is put on their record. All students are welcome to apply to this too!

Language learning and exchange

The Language Exchange program connects pairs of students who speak different languages, but share similar interests. The partners then meet each week to practice each other’s languages and learn about each other’s cultures in a friendly, relaxed environment.

This is a great way to develop your language skills, make a friend, and learn to teach! Once again all students can apply, and co-curricular recognition is given to you as a participant.

International students, these programs could be really great for you! They play upon your strengths of cultural knowledge and understanding as well as the ability to speak multiple languages. If you’re at the University of Manitoba, consider looking into applications soon.

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