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Algonquin College offers one of the best animation programs in the country, according to the 2019 Animation Career Review. Students will learn about industry-standard technologies, drawing, and animation skills. As a result, many former students are now in very lucrative careers. One of those is a former international student, Rio Koeswan.

Animation Student to Career

Rio is a graduate of the Animation Program at Algonquin College. He currently works for Jam Filled Entertainment who is responsible for shows such as “The Loud House” and “Thomas & Friends” among others. As a Layout Supervisor, Rio analyzes storyboards and he coordinates with animation freelancers on behalf of the company. Furthermore, he credits the animation program at Algonquin College with his success. It was not only the skills he learned during the program, but also the software was the same as the one he now uses at work. But it doesn’t end there. Rio has always wanted to give back to the community and he was successful in this as well. At one point, he was even teaching at Algonquin College where he could impart his knowledge and the up-to-date practices of the industry to the students.

Animation Program at Algonquin College

Just like Rio, international students interested in animation can find themselves in an animation studio in the future. The Animation program is a three-year program where students will get an Ontario College Advanced Diploma when they complete it. Here they will learn how to tell their stories through their drawings. Furthermore, they will also learn about layout, location, character design, anatomy studies, and more. Additionally, they will bring their drawings to life using traditional, 3D, tradigital, and video game animation techniques. So, at the end of the program, students will have a portfolio and demo reel that can showcase their work. Moreover, it will show not just a student’s creativity, but also their skill and proficiency with animation software and technologies.

Animation Instructors and Future Careers

And at Algonquin College, they’re in good hands because their animation faculty hails from studios such as Disney, Sony Image Works, Mercury Filmworks, Jam Filled Entertainment, and Big Jump Entertainment. So when students graduate, they may find themselves in professions such as an animator at an animation or game studio, layout artist, location designer, character designer, or 3D animator, just to name a few.

Rio couldn’t be happier with his time at Algonquin College. As someone who found his passion at four years old, Rio can safely say that the hard work paid off. So, what’s his advice for international students that want to pursue a career in animation? He says that they should surround themselves with other English speakers. That way, they’ll become more comfortable and confident in using English in their everyday lives. Also, international students should set their goals early. He says, “I found that if you know what you want, and you just keep chasing it, you’ll get it.”

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