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Bodwell High School is a private, co-educational boarding school in North Vancouver. They offer Grade 8-12 as well as university preparation. Moreover, it has a diverse student population with a mix of both local and international students. Because of this, it is a leader among Canadian boarding schools in giving students a rich multicultural environment and a place to build life-long memories. Furthermore, many students go on to pursue post-secondary education with scholarships.

At Bodwell High School, a Saturday is a chance for students to explore and enrich themselves. Monday to Friday classes are still the same, and their extracurricular activities as well. But on Saturdays, students choose a program for them. Subjects range from academic-related courses to personal interest ones. Moreover, many of these programs are so students gain “real-world” knowledge and to prepare them for life after Bodwell High.

Saturday Enrichment Programs at Bodwell High

At Bodwell High, students will spend three hours of their Saturday in school from 9:35 a.m. to-12:35 p.m. Students attend a Saturday course each term from among the following: English Language Enrichment & Academic and English Preparation, Service & Global Citizenship, Career & Post-Secondary Exposure, Outdoor Education & Sports, New Media, and Performing Arts.

English Enrichment

For this program, students learn more practical tools, especially for those who are preparing for the IELTS exam. Students can also learn about the art of debate and public speaking. But it’s not all English classes. Additionally, students can also look at English through everyday things such as lyrics of songs, graphic novels, and acting. Moreover, they can also explore myths and legends from around the world. This will let them discover the world through language, art, music, and modern media.

Global Citizenship

With Global Citizenship, students learn a variety of skills in different fields such as outdoor adventures, career, hobbies, volunteering, and athletic abilities. Additionally, they also get to volunteer at a local community. Moreover, the activities in “Adventurous Learning” follow the Duke of Edinburgh program to develop more well-rounded students.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education is more than just hiking. Students will learn about teamwork, leadership, and survival skills. Moreover, students can also learn about sports and the human body. This will teach them about the principles and techniques for strength and conditioning. Additionally, they can also learn about sports psychology, the importance of safety, rescue, and first aid.

New Media & Arts

Students at Bodwell High can also explore areas such as graphic design and film. Here, they’ll learn about how pictures can tell a story and how to create moving images. Additionally, they can even explore the area of fashion. They will learn about beauty through sketching and fashion design. Moreover, they will also touch on special topics such as jewelry, sewing, and others. On the other hand, students who are more musically inclined may want to explore songwriting. They can learn how to compose and perform digital music using different forms of media.

Career Exposure at Bodwell High

Another area that students can explore on their Saturdays is their future careers. They can learn about the business world and how they can manage a business. Another option is to see what the careers of the future are. Moreover, they can also explore other careers with a Masterchef class. Here they’ll learn everything from planning to making the final dish. But for something a bit more different, students can also explore a career in video games. Here they’ll learn how to make a video game along with the strategy and development behind it.

To learn more about what other programs Bodwell High can offer, click here. Giving students the chance to learn about themselves and explore is something Bodwell High is proud of. And with the Saturday Enrichment program, students will not only enjoy but will also gain new skills that they can use in their future.

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