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International students with the Edmonton Public School Board (EPSB) have an amazing opportunity to explore careers while still in high school. Because of this, they can earn high school credits or industry credentials. Additionally, this will prepare them for post-secondary education. Campus EPSB will allow students to explore careers, career opportunities, and get hands-on experience in a chosen field. So this will allow them to get some experience in a career that they may be considering. Campus EPSB is offered in the first or second semester at six district high schools – Centre High, Eastglen, M.E. LaZerte, McNally, Queen Elizabeth, and W.P. Wagner.

Programs Available to Students to Explore Careers

There are several programs students can explore in Campus EPSB. Below are the programs available to them.

Automotive Service Technician

This program allows students to work with industry professionals in the automotive industry. Furthermore, they get dual credit when they start their apprenticeship training.

Computer Science

If a student is keen on computers, maybe they’ll want to consider computer science in Campus EPSB. As a result, students will learn about computers from start to finish. Therefore, students will learn skills in computing and technology that will take them a long way.


This will allow students to train under industry professionals. So they will do their apprenticeship in cosmetology and hairdressing and get valuable hands-on experience in the field.

Emergency Response Career Pathways (ERCP Level 1)

This program introduces students to careers in Fire, Paramedic, Police, and Security. So students will gain skills in a variety of emergency response pathways. Additionally, they may even gain certification. And they have the chance to meet industry professionals currently working in the field. But this course is open to 4th-year high school students who are at least 18 years old before the program starts.

Health Care Aide

During this program, you may be able to obtain provincially recognized certification as a Health Care Aide. But take note that there are costs that include $250 for the program, $50 for a criminal record check, and $48-$60 for an immunization assessment appointment fee.

Performing Arts

If a student is into the performing arts, this may be just for them. Because here they’ll learn and develop their skills while connecting with the community and performing arts professionals.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math (STEAM)

This program will allow students to get certifications and credentials. They will learn to apply concepts by designing hands-on projects. So this will allow them to explore engineering fields with an emphasis on art and science.

Steel Construction

This program is very hands-on, and students will learn a lot about construction. They will have activities that combine industry-level skill development and networking opportunities.

How to Register for Campus EPSB

This could be a good chance for international students to discover some careers. For those interested, they can meet with their international student advisors to explore their options. But they’ll have to do this after they register at their high school.

It is an exciting time to be a student. With programs like Campus EPSB, students can explore careers and learn from industry professionals very early on. Moreover, they will gain practical experience in a career they will want to pursue in the future. So don’t let them miss this opportunity to get a head start on the career of their dreams.

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