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Two previous international students from Fraser International College have recently won the Elizabeth Patterson Award from the Canadian Bureau of International Education. The award recognizes students who have contributed positively to the internationalization of their campus community. This is something that both students did over time as FIC Awareness Campaign Team leaders.

Fraser International College

Fraser International College is located in Burnaby, Canada. It is a gateway college for international students hoping to study at a larger school, such as Simon Fraser University. Here, students can complete courses in a variety of disciplines including arts, engineering, environment, computing science, business, communications, and health science. These programs often transfer directly into Simon Fraser University after 1 or 2 years, as long as the student has met necessary requirements.

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Recently, two of FIC’s very own alumni have won the prestigious Elizabeth Patterson award from the Canadian Bureau of International Education. This award recognizes students or groups of students who have contributed to the internationalization of their campus community in positive ways.

Winner: Jhanvi Indatissa

Jhavina Indatissa is an FIC graduate and is from Sri Lanka. She was an active leader of the FIC Awareness Campaign Team. She has contributed to the creation of positive and inclusive spaces on campus for students to utilize. Also, she has been proactive in learning about what issues face international students studying and living at Fraser International College, and then performing subsequent research to better alleviate these issues. These solutions were then brought forward to the students in exciting and engaging ways.

Her own work has also helped her balance her own life, Making friends, studying and volunteering can be hectic and difficult, but she took the time to slow down and experience this new life! Shyness has faded away, and her experience in Canada has become much more enjoyable as a result.

Winner: Humaira Nuff

Humaira Nuff is a graduate of FIC and originally from Bangladesh. She was an active leader in the FIC Awareness Campaign Team. She improved the lives of international students at FIC all the time. From the creation of inclusive spaces to event planning, the volunteering she has done is making positive changes.

It’s also helped her in her own life as well; she was better able to do well in academia and make lasting friendships. Knowing where resources are to help her and then using them has made all the difference in furthering her experience here in Canada. She is grateful for the Elizabeth Patterson Award and excited to see what the future holds.

A big congratulations to both Humaira Nuff and Jhanvi Indatissa! Your contributions to the FIC community are nothing short of amazing. Continue to bring meaningful and positive changes to all areas of your life, whether its future schooling, work, family or friends! Also, other international students, this too could be you. So, if you’re already impacting your campus community, considering looking into the award for 2020.

Read the original on: Canadian Bureau of International Education

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