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Make the most of your student experience at Georgian College and get involved! There are so many ways to fill your days as students, it doesn’t have to be all about schoolwork all the time. As a new international student, you should consider volunteering, student government, student clubs, sports teams, chatting clubs, and attending all those school spirit events! All of these options will help you to settle in, and cultivate new friendships that will last a lifetime.

Get involved at Georgian College


There are always opportunities to volunteer at Georgian and in the community, as is the case with many universities and colleges. Most positions are posted on TandemPark. So, create an account to find new opportunities! They will all be available there. In addition, students may wish to seek off-campus volunteer opportunities through other local organizations, such as VolunteerBarrie ㅤ.

Volunteering can be a great way to meet people, practice your English, and collect noteworthy experience for your resume. It’s a great idea for new international students looking to do some learning outside the classroom.


The GCSA is the Georgian College Students’ Association. It is a group of elected students who represent the student body. Other students vote for their faculty representatives, and those representatives aim to improve your life as a student in that faculty. So, if you have an interest in politics and university governance, this is a fantastic opportunity! You’ll get to a run a campaign, and serve the best interests of fellow students.

Student clubs

The GCSA supports many student clubs. You can join one or start your own! Search the list of active clubs.

Again, student clubs are a great way to gather experience, practice your English, and meet like-minded individuals. Plus, there are so many that there is bound to be one you’re interested in! Club themes range from environmental advocacy, to book club, to arts and crafts and so much more.


Big fan of athletics and sports? Join a varsity or intramural sports team! Varsity is the school’s professional teams and will require more effort than joining an intramural team You can also attend a fitness class, or exercise in the fitness center or gym. Often the fitness center will offer a variety of classes, from intense cardio to yoga and boot camps that sure do make you sore! Finally, you can attend one of the Varisty team home games. There are also various tournaments held during the year. Visit the Georgian Grizzlies for more information on game schedules!

Cat club 

This is a great way for international students to sit down with each other and practice their English skills in a relaxed environment. Students attend sessions regularly to sit down and chat with fellow international students, making friends while learning at the same time. So, check out the current schedule in Room C275 at the Barrie Campus.

Global Talkafé

Global Talkafé facilitates informal conversations/information sessions several times a month. They help provide more information on topics related to international students such as awards through Georgian, working in Canada, and resumé building. All important topics for international students settling into their life in Canada! Plus, they are free – who doesn’t love free and good advice? Follow them on Facebook to view upcoming events.

Attend events 

Perhaps one of the most fun ways to get involved and get into the school spirit is to attend college events. Regularly visit the college events calendar and the International Facebook page to learn what is coming up next. This is where all events will be publicly available throughout the school year.

Georgian College is bursting with opportunities. So, get involved! Whether you’re looking to have fun, improve your English, gain career skills, or all of the above, Georgian has options for you. Volunteering and student government are great resume additions. Meanwhile, student clubs, chat clubs and athletics can be great ways of meeting like-minded people. Finally, for those looking for an enjoyable night out, consider attending a student event with a dorm mate!

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