[Greater Victoria School District] 5 Opportunities for Success!



The Greater Victoria School District continues to shape successful graduates from their international education programs. They do this by providing professional teachers, a balanced learning approach, support and resources and by meeting diverse needs while well-preparing students for their future. If you’re an international student trying to choose a district, the Greater Victoria School District is definitely a good choice.

1. Competitive advantage for your future

All international education programs in the Greater Victoria School District meet government standards and offer invaluable knowledge and skills to all enrolled in the program. With programs such as these with such a recognized high standard, students are sure to be ready to achieve success.

Also, these outstanding programs and services are located within all of Greater Victoria, including 5 neighbouring municipalities.

2. Professional teachers

So, every teacher in the district has done the appropriate education for their position, and are certified to teach. This includes university-level training, with some teachers holding both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree.

3. Balanced learning

The Greater Victoria School District recognizes that today, it’s not all about academics. The district fosters invaluable learning through athletics, cultural activities, volunteering, and other non-academic pursuits. So, this instills a healthy life balance in young minds and gives them advantages in university applications that are increasingly searching for well-rounded individuals.

4. Ability to meet diverse needs

Each school in the district has something unique and different to bring to the table – and this is done to ensure the district is providing for all types of needs. In addition, world-class learning environments are created through a balance between international and domestic students. Moreover, it’s this combination of students that allows teachers to engage in progressive lessons, that foster cooperation, and meaningful learning.

5. Student support and resources

The district has created comprehensive programs to serve students of all backgrounds. And, they ensure students are as successful as they can be in their high school years and beyond. Some of the programs include staff specifically for international students, homestay programs, orientation for new students and professional staff to support you when you need it.

Join a district that best provides for you! The Greater Victoria School District is just that – they meet the needs of students by providing quality teachers, learning environments, and programs that ensure your future career or post-secondary success.

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