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A pathway program may not necessarily be the first-choice program for many, but maybe it should be. While there are many students who already know what they want to do after school, others may not. So that’s where a pathway program at Humber College can come into the picture. Additionally, local and international students can take this program while they’re still deciding on what to declare for their undergraduate degree. So below are the 10 reasons taking a pathway program would be a good benefit for students.

1. Explore Options with a Pathway Program

Perhaps the best thing about a pathway program is that it allows students to explore their options. A Diploma in General Arts and Science – University Transfer is where this can be possible. Additionally, students can look at this as a time to take different subjects. So they’ll know which ones they’re passionate about and want to pursue.

2. Learn Skills for Your Career with a Pathway Program

Cameron Farrar, a graduate, talks about how the pathway program gave him the opportunity to learn the skills that are in-demand in the workplace. “This program is meant to help prepare and guide you into a degree program or any number of more specialized programs with more definitive career paths in mind. I regularly received emails about workshops/lectures/presentations/info sessions around campus…pretty much anything you can imagine, all geared toward helping us find our passions and deciding our next steps.” Some of the skills include time management, communication, problem-solving, collaboration, and agility.

3. Navigate a Post-Secondary Environment

Farrar continues, “My experience was great! My courses were varied and all of my teachers were amazing – they always had time to answer questions and to give me the support I need.” Not only that, but he also enjoyed his time at the college itself. Moreover, he also enjoyed walking around the campus and finding a spot to read or study.

4. Improve GPA with a Pathway Program

A pathway program can also be for students who want to improve their GPA. So if students want to pursue a program with some pre-requisites, they can take some of those classes in a pathway program.

5. Earn a College Credential

A student that takes any of the five General Arts and Science pathway programs will earn a college credential. So this shows a student is resilient and determined to achieve.

6. Earn Transfer Credits with a Pathway Program

With a pathway program, students can pursue a degree if they choose to. But they choose to transfer to another school too. So for example, if a student transfers to York University, they can get up to 1.5 years credited.

7. Connect with Professors

Farrar said he learned a lot from his professors and appreciated the feedback he got. “I’m not sure that I could choose any singular highlight of my experiences at Humber. I would say meeting all of my professors, learning from them and really feeling motivated by them to put forth my best efforts has been very rewarding and that’s something I’ll always appreciate and remember fondly.”

8. Add Skills to Resume

At Humber, students can participate in more than 50 Co-Curricular Record (CCR) opportunities. Furthermore, these skills development opportunities take place outside the classroom. So students can not only add skills to their resume but they can network as well.

9. Consult an Advisor

Students can go to a student success advisor (SSA) when they need help in their academic planning. Moreover, these advisors can assist with assignment plans and goal setting. But if a student is having a challenging time, they can go to their advisor as well for guidance.

10. Save Money with a Pathway Program

There are scholarships and bursaries available to students that are specifically taking pathway programs. So this means students have more opportunities to save when they pursue this opportunity.

So many doors will open to students with a Diploma in General Arts and Science. Furthermore, many can continue to pursue a bachelor’s degree after. But if a student had their eyes on the health and the sciences, the Pre-Health Sciences Pathway may be a good option for them. So with all this in mind, a pathway program can be the first step you take to a successful future career.

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