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Nova Scotia Public Schools wants you to attend their fun-filled summer program! Learn and improve upon your English Skills for 15 hours each week, and spend the rest of your time exploring stunning Nova Scotia, and participating in all kinds of fun activities in Truro, and other cities in the province. This ESL Summer camp is where learning meets adventure and isn’t something that should be missed out on. Future international students, take note!

ESL Summer Camp

Location: Truro, Nova Scotia 

The ESL Summer camp is held annually at the Nova Scotia Community College campus. The campus is complete with residence, cafeteria, recreation and classroom facilities. Students will be staying in the residence, and sharing their room with a student who speaks an entirely different language.

The Truro community itself is vibrant and comfortable. Urban parks, shopping, and restaurants are widely available. Additionally, the city is just 40 minutes from the airport – an easy drive for students arriving who are tired from their flights. Of course, Truro itself is situated in the wider province of Nova Scotia, well-known for its beaches, culture and friendly people.

Program Summary 

This program is where learning meets adventure. Mornings during the program are for working on English skills with great teachers, who are doing their best to make the class as interactive and fun as possible for students. Generally, the learning portion of the program takes up about 15 hours each week. After the class in the morning, students head out on excursions to do activities that will help them practice English in the real world. Students will connect with the local community, speaking to Canadians and other students alike. Next, weekends are where students will be exploring all stunning Nova Scotia has to offer. They may even head outside the province to see other unique places.

Sample Schedule 

A sample schedule of one week is full of fun and learning. Monday will start out with breakfast, ESL class, lunch, homework, highland games, dinner, and recreation.  Tuesdays, students will follow a similar morning but then may head to a park for the afternoon, and play bingo in the later evening. Next, on Wednesdays. students attend a Zumba class in the afternoon, and a casino night occurs after dinner. Thursdays, students head to the waterpark for the afternoon, and into the evening will perform a talent show for everyone! Time to show off. Fridays, students will do an Amazing Race competition and a fun dance with friends in the evening. Weekends are even more variable, with day trips to Halifax filled with unique experiences. This is simply a sample schedule, and students can expect this to vary each week.

If you’re considering studying in Canada. you should be considering doing the Nova Scotia ESL Summer Program as well. This program allows you to explore one of Canada’s stunning coastal provinces, with a rich culture and history to it. Additionally, you’ll be learning new English skills consistently, and will have the opportunity to practice with other students and Canadians alike. It sounds like a dream come true, right?

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