Vancouver Community College [VCC] Take Baking Classes from a World-Renown Master!


Taking baking classes is one thing. But to learn from a master, that is an entirely different experience altogether and Vancouver Community College (VCC) can offer that experience even to international students. Fans of The Great Canadian Baking Show will be familiar with its judge, Bruno Feldeisen. But what they may not be familiar with is seeing him in a classroom setting without the cameras.

Baking Classes with the Master

What may surprise many is that this world-renown chef calls Vancouver home. He has even taught classes in the past. So it probably shouldn’t be a surprise that he is now teaching baking and pastry classes part-time at VCC. “I meet people who are very good bakers with great ideas,” says Bruno. “My work is always so professional, and I enjoy the challenge of communicating with people who don’t speak the same culinary language.” Additionally, one of his popular courses is the World of Breads (CUIS 1106). Chef Bruno says his goal is to take away the fear of breadmaking. “It’s intimidating to a lot of people,” he says. But through the baking classes, he wants students to learn that the important thing about bread is to learn the essential steps. Then students can get creative and have fun with it.

Baking Programs at VCC

If a future student is interested in taking more baking classes, then they can consider taking the Baking and Pastry Arts – Artisan Baking certificate. During the 11 months, students will learn the basics from equipment to the skills, baking principles and processes, ingredients and methodology and health and safety. But of course, the fun parts include learning about doughs, cookies, pies, tarts, cakes, doughnuts, glazes, and much more. However, if students are looking for more, then they can also take the Baking and Pastry Arts – Artisan Baking & Pastry Dual Certificates program. The 16-month program starts the same as the Artisan Baking certificate classes. But with an additional 5 months, students can specialize in pastries. In the end, they’ll have two certificates instead of just one.

Baking Classes for International Students

Additionally, there is a baking program geared toward international students. At VCC, international students can also take advantage of the Baking and Pastry Arts – International Program. Moreover, this program has English support. So students with an IELTS overall score of 4.5 can still take the baking classes.

With the baking and pastry classes plus the guidance of a master, students are sure to have a learning experience like no other. Whether it’s learning how much bread should rise or how much butter to put in a croissant, it will be intensive. But it will be a worthwhile introduction to the culinary world of baking. Because the skills and lessons that students will learn are sure to make them job-ready for a career that will let them harness their creativity that ends with the sweet satisfaction of one’s taste buds.

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