Best Way to Prepare for IELTS? Use the Indicator!

International students who are hoping to take the IELTS during COVID, there is a great opportunity for you! Students can now take the IELTS Indicator test, essentially an IELTS test but all done from home. Many institutions will be ready to accept these scores in your applications given the current COVID-19 crisis and the lack of in-person testing.

Benefits of IELTS Indicator

For test-takers 

  • Those who take the IELTS indicator test will get to see how they perform in the listening, writing, reading, and speaking without taking the real test yet! It’s a great way to identify any areas of weakness to further improve before the test. Additionally, it may be accepted in place of the test during COVID-19.
  • The test can be completed at home using internet connection and a computer! This works since many locations are currently closing their doors in times of COVID-19.
  • Your university or school may accept the IELTS indicator test in your application.
  • The IELTS indicator is an official trustworthy product.

For educational institutions 

  • For universities, the IELTS indicator test is a great way to determine the level of English your prospective students are performing at.
  • The indicator test is available in countries where in-person testing has ceased, providing an option still for future students at your institution.
  • The indicator test remains official and professional, questions are corrected by examiners and real IELTS questions are within the tests.

How it Works

To take the IELST test all you will need is access to a stable internet connection and a laptop or other computer. The writing, listening, and reading portions will be occurring in one sitting, and the speaking portion will come later. Likely, after a few days.

Indicator Test Requirements

To take the IELTS Indicator test, the following are helpful and necessary things to have:

  • A quiet and comfortable study space
  • A laptop or desktop computer
  • Internet connection
  • Safe Exam Browser download
  • Wire or wireless headphones for the listening portion
  • A webcam
  • Zoom application download

The IELTS indicator test is your solution to completing IELTS during the pandemic. With IELTS indicator, you can complete the listening, reading, writing and speaking sections all from home! The marks will be available for you to submit in any applications to universities as well, who will be happy to accept given the lack of in-person testing in many places right now.

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